Fun With Pictures & Trouble at the City Plaza

We were riding on a cab, asking manong to drive us back to the UP campus… I was feeling so druggedly sleepy, my body aching for soft slumber. inside, i’ve been debating whether to attend my physics class or not at 7am… but i was feeling too drained and dreary to do so… i just looked out by the car window and stared at the gray sky. the moon was still shining, and the star was right beside. i never imagined the university avenue to look this beautiful. suddenly i don’t feel exhausted anymore…

we were walking in UP grounds when the sun finally did shine… i was deprived of sleep, but if this is something i would see if i don’t sleep everyday, i really don’t mind.


i went to church today to thank God for allowing me to pass my 2nd physics exam… i’ve been attending mass without palya. It’s a habit for hunny and me to go to church every Sunday. Kaso he’s in Novaliches right now so I went with my good friend Mich… I really had fun. Kaso girls kami pareho kaya may mga ungas. I’ve gotten so used to this already.

after mass, we went to KFC and as expected, I MADE LAMON! hahaha! 2 piece chicken, two cups of rice… and a chicken filet… wadja expect? that’s a normal Helen meal =)

there was a rally in the caloocan city plaza, and I decided to make usyoso there and take pictures to upload here in my BLOG entry. kaso there was a gunfire just as we were approaching the mosh pit. napapala talaga ng mga usisera! we ran with the other people. almost stampede na talaga. i’m still shaking as we went on the way here sa cyber… bwiset… sayang nga eh… SCOOP sana yun… i mean, i was in the middle of the action already, but i was so afraid of getting shot by whoever. Nagkapikunan yata ang mga Recom at Asistio supporters sa rally. Nagkataon pa talaga nung gusto ko nang makiusisa dun pa sila nagbarilan. Wala lang new experience na naman sa akin. ang moral lesson: wag maging usisera sa mga intensely heated political rallies.


I am about to have my third exam on physics on tuesday. I’m going to review today. Please pray for me.