I was walking around the perimeter of ABS-CBN compound with Acie, my SO’s sister, and I was really insisting that there is this chocolate cake that she should try and is worth walking around for. She was laughing and it took us a while because it was hidden so well behind Moonleaf Tea Shop along Sgt. Esguerra and almost in front of ABS-CBN.

Fortunately, we found the place and she tasted the cake in time before closing. Hindi naman ako napahiya. The chocolate cake was Death by Tablea of Chocolat Cake Shop, no less. It was an all-time favorite in college and I felt sad when the Chocolat shop in SM North’s The Block closed before I graduated from college. I managed to interview the owner of the shop in 2011 for Baby magazine and I was able to ask questions about this homemade goody from Antipolo from the man himself at their first branch in Wilson Street. They only have four branches so when I started working in Quezon City, I made it a mission for myself to look for the branch near ABS-CBN.

Well, I’ll let you take a look at the thing yourself:


Didn’t you just drool? It’s all creamy, sweet, and chocolatey goodness rolled into one. <3 It makes me close my eyes in pleasure just thinking about how it tastes and how the rich cacao lingers in my tongue after every bite. It’s like the solid form of Cafe Mary Grace’s ultra luscious signature hot chocolate. <3 <3 <3

They say that chocolate is a replacement for orgasm. So I guess that’s why it sells even when some studies affirm that cockroach legs (or was it insect legs?) are dissected in the manufacture of certain chocolates. Anyway, whatever, I’ve had this sweet tooth since I had teeth and I don’t really care about those gory details for my gastronomic fun.

(If you’re not a chocolate fan, there’s something else at the bottom of the post for you. ;-))

We had a heavy sumptious dinner at the nearby Buffalo Wings N Things at the ground floor before we devoured the chocolate cake from the gods. The Buffalo wings was on the salty and spicy side but it blended well with the rice, leaving us with a full feeling afterwards:

buffalo wings

I must warn you though that if you are not a fan of salty, you will find this flavor too strong. The waitress is exceptional and accommodating! And they sell cheap beer on happy hour, soo…

The following day, Acie and I went to Centris to have the signature Chatime milk tea popular to this generation. I ordered roasted milk tea without pearls and I had a fun time with Grace except when I started having some urgent matters to be attended to on the phone (ugh!):



I thought my food trip would end last Sunday but it did not.

Harrowing as it is, I was assigned to work during weekdays in Makati, so I took advantage of the enforced travel and met up with my friend Homer. We were supposed to donate blood for my other friend’s sister but did not meet the cutoff time of 8pm at UST Hospital. So we ended up having dessert at Caramia at Ayala Gardens. There was a group of violinists playing the sweet music as Homer and I sampled Inquirer’s 2012 best dessert, Rouge, and Sans Rival, a classic cake ice cream favorite:

rouge and sans rival

Rouge is very modern, tastes like a bunch of classy fruits, all tarty and syrupy and sweet. The back design is commendable and so is the detail. I made a mental note to use some of these colors for some 3D maps in the future. The Sans Rival was not the best I’ve tasted of its kind but Rouge is really unique and worth trying. I think it goes best with Amici’s pasta, also on the same restaurant if you will try it from Ayala Gardens.

I think for the next few days, I might have to try something like Cabbage Soup Diet to purge all the excess calories. But judging from the happy faces in these photos, this won’t be the last of the food trips. 🙂


Image credits: Engr. Homer Pagkalinawan, Ms. Grace Ann Barrameda