Wildly Sophisticated by Nicole Williams

It’s hard to remember the last time I finished a self-help book. I think it was The Happiness Project from last year. But Nicole Williams’ Wildly Sophisticated had me revisiting my old hobby of reading books of this genre.

At a phase where I am agonizing on the minutiae of the career I am building, I found Williams’ encouraging and practical advice very refreshing. It was written in a way that when you read it, it’s like you’re talking to a mentor and a wise friend. I could relate to most of the chapters, and it affirmed the things I valued in the present state of my career.

Also, it’s written for women by a woman who’s been there and done that. It kind of comforted me to know that some of my little career sob stories are not something uniquely mine. Countless anecdotes, true-to-life stories of working women, and varying perspectives were all featured in the chapters.

It answered a lot of questions such as finding the right professional fit, knowing when to hang on and when to give up on a job, and devising a road map that really works when making plans for one’s career and future. She even had a chapter on how to reconcile raising kids with building one’s work or life’s work.

The book basically encouraged me to up my game, so to speak. Thanks to the insights provided by Wildly Sophisticated, I find myself more able to assess my current professional status and work on reaching for my dreams without killing myself as I do so. I highly recommend it to any working young woman who wants to make the most out of these strong working years.