Board Exam Planning
with World-Saving
Tita Witty

I really wish I met Tita Witty in 2010 when I was reviewing for my board exam. At the time, I was merely using colored paper with lined grids (which I manually drew on the pages) to plan my review topics per day. I needed something with a lot of space where I can plug in a makeshift checklist of topics that I need to tackle for the day, and also a tiny space for appointments or church visits before exam days. If you are suffering from board exam stress and you are not averse to gay lingo in any way, I strongly recommend that you get 365 days of fun with a 400-peso investment called the 2013 Witty will Save the World planner. I swear, this will really help you break the ice and stay sane despite the pressures brought by your exam.

For board exams, I planned my review schedule way in advance. And then I stopped looking at the big picture and doggedly focused on my daily targets until I have finished everything. The coverage of licensure examinations are long and if you look at the big book, you can get disheartened already. It surely helped to make it into “bite-sized” pieces distributed evenly over my daily planner. The habit stayed on until after oath-taking. Until now, in the practice, I still rely on my planner to help me accomplish my deliverables.

In my experience, planners are either cute or functional. Choose one, ditch the other. The functional ones are usually generous in spacing but it’s not as stylish. The cute ones are very attractive but there is not enough space with which I can write my daily activities. And for years, it’s almost an impossibility to hear of funny, functional, and stylish planners. That is, until I met the Witty Will Save the World franchise. It was through my now-deleted Facebook that  I learned of this ultra-witty planner.

(I sorely missed the budget and menstrual trackers of Belle de Jour Planner, my 2012 planner of choice, but I think the humor of Tita Witty was worth it.

After reading various reviews of Tita Witty’s 2013 offering from equally satisfied people in the blogosphere, I decided to text Tita Witty and order one for myself. She shipped the item within less than 24 hours! AMAZING. 🙂

It did not disappoint. (Sorry for image quality but it’s really much nicer in person.)  Here’s a screenshot of the February 13 to 14 spread:

tita witty

I personally had days where I felt like cursing at the world but then, this planner will ask me: “How was your day, ‘te?” and give choices like Haggardo Versoza, Irita Avila, etc. I can’t help but smile despite my bad mood. It’s so interactive and because it’s funny on a day to day basis, I find myself looking at it everyday. I just want to know what Tita Witty has for me that day, slightly resembling equally addicting (but irrational) appeal of daily horoscopes below the comics section of most broadsheet dailies.

It reminds you of important dates and holidays in Mara Clara fashion:


It was still functional as much as it was entertaining because it allows me to enjoy writing about my day to day memories. The spaces are large enough for diary writing or listing population data, or taking down notes during meetings. Here’s a better quality of pictures from SakuraClover:

image credits go to sakuraclover of tumblr

image credits go to sakuraclover of tumblr

Witty may not save you from your board exam woes, but the laugh trips will make sure you stay sane as you try to achieve your goals… 🙂

There’s still 9 months to avail yourself of daily dose of wit from Tita Witty, and you can purchase this ultra-hip and ultra-funny planner by clicking here.