iBlog8 :)

Due to unfortunate circumstances (a.k.a. excessive reading of Fifty Shades of Grey), my Netbook Gab died last week. 🙁 I lost the notes I took of iBlog as well as insights that I was supposed to share for this very post. I am now trying to recall fragments of the happy self that I was last May 25:

Photo courtesy of AXL PPI 🙂


I missed Day 2 (May 26) because of an asthma attack.

One of the things I liked about attending iBlog is meeting my blogging friends:

axl image with two JPs, Photo courtesy of AXL!

And then, the meat of it are the numerous topics discussed. Quite honestly, I felt a huge wave of information overload from the 15-20 minute talks. But they were all engaging. I wish I was able to attend to all of them.

I learned some stuff about how I need to strengthen my own blog, and it’s quite refreshing to get insights from people who took time to make those nice presentations. I realized how much I am underutilizing and underestimating myself even in my blogging endeavor.

The huge muddle of information render me unable to credit the respective speakers for these nuggets of wisdom. Some of it are realizations from hearing them and others may be ideas from the iblog8 speakers themselves, but I believe they are worth sharing. Suffice it to say that I am crediting all the speakers of iBlog, and thanking Ma’am Janette Toral for another successful bloggers’ event.

Mark, me and Ma'am Janette Toral. Photo courtesy of Mark Madrona

1. Social media reshaped blogging and bloggers who want to stay survivors in the blogosphere may harness the potential and power of social media to promote blogs, advance causes, and make one’s presence known in the online world.

2.Possibilities are endless. The blogging world may seem so saturated. But it’s not. The pie is huge enough for everyone to take a dip, for whatever purpose it may serve them (although we all hope it’s for the good).

3. It reminded me that I am a blogger, that I must not abandon my blogging just because other things in life try to get in the way. Tenacity and persistence is key in succeeding in blogging.

4. While there are many SEO techniques, good writing skills remain to be one of the tried and tested classic way of getting a loyal readership. It does not have to be Pulitzer-prize winning, but at least just worth reading.

5. There may be “elitists” who think that they are better bloggers But respect begets respect. Promoting harmony is still important so that the impact and difference for advocacies stands with a solid voice for the world to hear.

6. Like any formed institution, the blogosphere has its own political landscape. I cringe as I wrote this. Not to mention that politicians are also increasingly dipping their hands in the activities of netizens recently. But yeah, it’s a reality. And it’s not entirely a bad thing.

So these are just some of the ideas that floated in my head after I attended. And it resonates with me two weeks after.

It’s a good experience that I encourage bloggers to try. 🙂 It’s like a good rite of passage to this colorful world of blogging.