Day 30: #100HappyDays
Fit and Fab Friendships

I really enjoy working out and sweating like a madman on my own. I like undulating my entire body to rhythm of my hula hoop while reflecting on my life, its nuances and the sheer amounts of fat I am burning while I am pummeling my waistline with a weighted hula ring. I like lying down on the floor and absorbing all the grub while I am soaking completely in post-workout sweat.

Exercise is known to release happy hormones called ENDORPHINS, and as such, it’s easy to smile so widely and genuinely after you have burned off all your fats or stretched a good deal of your limbs:

But my fitness tip for the series on bilbil busters for budget-conscious brides and beauties involves another external factor: spice up your fitness goals with an appropriate choice of fitness buddy/buddies.

For this session, I had to do my workout at another person’s home so I made some effort of dressing the part. On other days, I would be donning shirts with holes in them and matching worn-out stockings with my belly dancing hip skirt. For this, I wore a Sassa active wear dark blue sports spaghetti strap shirt with matching black shorts. 🙂 What I particularly like about this is the material; I can also use it for swimming activities because it’s made of the moisture-absorbent fabric.

I commuted all the way to QC with my cheap Php 200 Get Out and Get Active yoga mat. It’s not as thick as Leigh’s mat but it does its job well for my cardio and stretching work on most days. My friend Leigh’s mat is thicker and more comfortable and priced at Php 600 from a sports store.


I have the internal motivation to workout on my own but when you find another fellow fitness enthusiast in the journey, it doubles the fun of getting in shape. Leigh is luckily just as into the fitness vibe as I was. We had different body types. She had this really nice hourglass figure and I had this apple type to deal with for all my life. But we had a common goal, and we made sure to exercise where our goals intersected. I saw a good form of plank and push-ups from her, something that I was personally struggling with. On my end, I was able to convince her to try belly dancing and hula hooping for fitness. It’s nice to workout with another person occasionally because you learn something new and you give back whatever little that you know to that person as well.


We had so much fun and we ended up working out for an hour or so. We did some DDP yoga videos and then a 30-minute belly dancing slimming down cardio activity from Youtube by Neena and Veena.  We also talked about fitness goals and how we can continue having fitness Fridays together in the future.

For post workout, we munched on ripe mangoes dipped in Japanese sesame seed dressing, Roman lettuce, Gatorade, Zero-fat strawberry yogurt, and plain old mineral water. Hydrating is important after our semi-intense cardio so we made sure to have the right food. Previously, I posted about chocolate milkshake being ideal for recovery, but nobody can really say no to something as awesome as ripe mangoes… Fruits can trump chocolate anytime. <3

Like what I have previously mentioned in other posts in the bilbil busters for budget-conscious brides and beauties series, I throw occasional “cheats” during weekends. As such, I threw in some “bad food” to the mix of healthy food we had feasted on. It was a tiny can of Piknik.


We indulged a bit in there but not too much. It was just a tiny amount and I was faithfully adhering to my healthy diet options during the weekdays. It’s dangerous to deprive myself of things I genuinely like to eat. If I deprive myself completely, my tendency to lapse back into my old sickly and unhealthy lifestyle will increase. So I introduce a little of the treats I used to enjoy in huge volumes when I was not in this phase of healthy lifestyle and fitness.


Some people do not like working out with other people. It really depends on your fitness goals and your level of comfort. I was fairly comfortable with my friend here seeing me all worked up. It helped to have a companion because when I am not in the right form as the person has in the video we were imitating, she would call me out on it and I can correct my stance more easily. Without my friend, I would probably be craning my neck towards the mirror just to check if I am doing it right. If each of us would start experiencing pain, the other would call out and help reduce the risk of home-based workout injury.

Also, there’s something about playing with hula hoops and having a girl pal with you as you revisit your childhood form of play for an adult fitness goal.


(All Photo credits: Leigh Lunas)

Far be it from us to look like the pros in the exercise videos, but we had so much fun trying anyway. We didn’t mind looking like sweaty klutzes. Because that’s what friends are for. Hahahaha.

After workout, I spent the night at her place and we traded some files together. I am certain that this won’t be our last fitness Fridate. And if you are following my series on bilbil busters, I strongly recommend that you try this at home with a good friend. You not only burn your calories, but you also enjoy the company of a good friend as you do so.



Day 22: #100HappyDays
Hulk Band Helena

“You can HULK it out!” -Diamond Dallas Page, DDP Yoga

HULK it out, indeed, for my 22nd Happy Day! 🙂


OOTD Details: Basic Black Tube Top, Bench OJ Curve Enhancing Denim Jeans, Fancy Black Eyeglasses, Pearl Earrings from Dam Good Stuff, Basic Scarf

Lately, I am discovering my favorite types of clothing. I do not feel daunted to wear skin-hugging pieces these days.. It’s not too tight to the point of suffocation, but just enough for a range of movements. Also, I am inclined to dress casually unless it’s absolutely necessary to go formal.

This year, I like wearing jeggings and skinny jeans. It looks marvelous with just about anything, even a plain black tube top. Especially with a plain black tube top!

Bench OJ Curve Enhancing Jeans

Bench OJ Curve Enhancing Jeans

I added in a scarf for flair and simple pearl earrings.

Much as I’d like to linger on an elliptical trainer daily, I cannot. And this is why I love my newly acquired Proform fitness band! I started with the light band from Proform’s beginner kit.  🙂 But I am the happy Hulk, aptly marking the 22nd day of the 100HappyDays journey.

Exercise Bands - the Portable Toning Workout

Exercise Bands – the Portable Toning Workout

In keeping with the spirit of the Bilbil Busters for Budget Conscious Brides and Beauties, here is my 4th tip: incorporate fitness activities into your lifestyle as seamlessly as your circumstances will allow.

Today, since I created this blog series  for working women, I will share some exercises that you can do at work. No mats, no gyms, no hardcore equipment.

Aside from my personal favorites, which I highlighted here, there are also some useful exercise links that I found while I was researching for this topic:

You see, I could just be anywhere with these resistance  bands, and I can still do my toning workout. I cannot carry the elliptical or the exercise bike in my bag but this fits perfectly in my pocket. The only precaution is to keep it from extremes of heat and cold. Yesterday, I had to fix my bag a bit because my phone was in direct contact with the band. I am working and working out at the same time.

I am concentrating on my glutes and hips this week so I tied the band to add dimension to my basic squat position:

Squat Position with Band

Squat Position with Band

Definitely not in the gym but still working those muscles anyway…

While I am in front of my computer I would sometimes feel like I am getting hunched, what Filipinos call as hukot. Last time I had myself checked, I was told that my xray indicates scoliosis. When I decided to revamp my lifestyle, I prioritized posture correction. Before, I had this back support band but it’s too bulky. Since I already have my bands in my pocket,  I do a quick arm workout by stretching my arms with the band and I immediately feel my spine aligning itself…


A typical band can stretch up to 2 to 3 times its original size. Mine was quite short so I plan to stock on more fitness bands later with a higher level of resistance. But I do like the transparent gray effect, which gives me an idea of how much I have stretched my band.


My recent fitness-related  readings recommended the resistance band, and it’s really one lightweight but result-heavy investment I have made in my healthy lifestyle. I chose the one without the handles, although there are a handful of neat things that you can do with a resistance band with handle. I just like the flexibility of this one because I can tie it anywhere and shape it in any way I want.

Some gurus claim that fitness bands tone better than weights. Whether it’s true or not, I really like trying different forms of workout and this band workout certainly is on top of my list for its mobility and flexibility. It succeeds in sustaining workouts where others have failed because it’s portable, light, and relatively low impact compared to hardcore cardio. Done alone, it might not be enough. But when you are in those hectic days where you cannot really do a full hour’s workout, squeezing in these exercises may be a bit of a breather or savior that keeps you in line with your fitness goals.

When I am in the comforts of my home, I use the band with a mat and do some nice tummy, leg, lower back, and butt exercises on the floor. Maybe later I can take photos and share some of the positions I have learned. The band also  goes well with standing workouts like lunges.

If the bands prove to plateau or lose its flavor for you later, you can mix it up with a light dumbbell. It’s really neat and full of potential for variety.

As with all forms of exercises, I am enjoying and basking in the full stretch of my arms and the endorphin rush in my brains:


I can’t wait to discover new things to incorporate in my life as part of my revamped fitness-loving lifestyle. For now though, I just want to enjoy this moment of feeling healthy, happy, and flexible. <3

The Fitness-Owning Advantage

To begin my series on Bilbil Busters for Budget-Conscious Brides and Beauties, I first talked about the freedom that a woman can experience with a fit lifestyle. This time, I will talk about another important foundation: owning the fitness goal for long-lasting change.

For almost two years since I gained weight, I kept saying that “I want to lose this tummy fat.” Somewhere between the Christmas parties and chocolate-laden Valentine season this year, I managed to find the sweet spot that allowed me to “OWN” my fitness regimen. And I realized that it provided me with the maximum advantage of staying consistent with my pursuits to have a healthier lifestyle this 2014.

It does not necessarily mean that I created my own routine from scratch. That would have been an amazing feat, but I am not that good yet. It’s really more of getting to know my body and what works for me. Some friends get a high out of mountain climbing, hiking, and other intense outdoor activities. It’s quite easy to lose calories from there and I greatly admire those who engage in these forms of leisure.

However, I needed to acknowledge that I might be more suited or inclined to lose weight in another way. The journey was not easy; I tried a lot of things and I ended up not following through on most of them because I got bored, it was too intense for me, or it just did not tickle my fancy as much.

It was like this for so many days until one day, I decided to just let go of my inhibitions and seek out of the box solutions to lose weight in a fun way. I became more open. By chance, I found this video about Marisa Tomei’s fitness scheme through hooping.

Inspired by her example, I began by going back to my childhood physical activities. And I found myself making use of the HULA HOOP again. When I was in third grade, I often played with the hula hoop and enjoyed it so much. I simply bought 2 types of hula hoops three weeks ago: a weighted ring from a sports store and a weightless one from a toy store in the mall. They were quite affordable compared to signing up for a really painful diet plan or exercise regimen.

I alternated my usage of these hoops and popped in with the latest Justin Timberlake music on my iPod. I found a comfortable spot where I can do it regularly. Another friend is good with jumping rope and has been losing weight with it. On my end, I take advantage of some hoop enthusiasts’ claims that 1 hour on the hula hoop is physically equivalent to 500 abdominal crunches. How’s that for fitness? 🙂

After I let myself be wooed into a fit lifestyle by the things I genuinely love, I started seeing results as a secondary goal. The primary goal was to incorporate fitness activities in my otherwise sedentary life and make it a fun experience. Once it became fun, I slowly introduced other less fun modes of working out. But I only did that once I was able to ingrain the daily habit of working out and sweating in a healthy way.

I was no longer restricted by what others prescribed as a fast, proper, or legitimate way to lose weight. I am fortunate enough to have a mini-gym in the area where I live. Some people benefit greatly from the programs that a basic gym membership provides. But  even without the gym, I still thrive in my fitness goals even in simple open spaces where I can shake my body to the rhythm of the undulating hoop on my neck, torso, and waist.

As soon as I was able to call the workout and stamp my personal preferences and personality in it, it became easier and easier to implement. It became as natural as breathing to me and part of my daily system like brushing teeth or getting 7 hours of sleep each night. 

Even when I am tired after a whole day’s work, I manage to have the willingness to continue or maintain my schedule of working out from 7pm to 8:30pm. And it does not seem like too much work because I was really doing things that relax me and things that I like. In times where I have to dine out with some people, I make sure that I have a latent form of exercise to compensate.

It’s also good to have a fitness buddy or someone to work out with. But what if the buddy is unavailable? Vacations, life circumstances, and other factors may hinder a regular schedule with another person. There will still be days where you really have to exercise alone. Being internally motivated with naturally pleasurable activities makes it easier to manage with or without a fitness buddy to spur you on. Also, there are certain target areas you want to focus on in your workout that may not be your fitness buddy’s target body regions. Monopolizing your workout modes is another chief advantage of being able to shed off the pounds regardless of who is with you on the workout area.

Owning the decision to be fit and personalizing it to fit you like a glove is really a big advantage in finding fitness solutions that will outlast fleeting fads in improving your figure.


Freedom in Fitness

One of the misconceptions I had to debunk about becoming fit is this: it’s too expensive.

An old woman once told me to touch her tummy and ask her how it was possible to get rock-hard abs at her age (she is around 60, I think). She said: “You need to have a lot of money for surgery.”

For a while, I was really discouraged about what she said. When she told me this, I was suffering from 30+ inches of waistline that needed a lot of trimming. It’s as if she is already telling me that there is no way normally endowed people can aspire to have a good figure from natural methods.

Later, when I had the time to think about my life, I was challenged about what she showed me and I decided to find my own ways to be fit.

As a young professional, I had to wade my way through the mess. I got bombarded with gym membership offers, the latest dance craze that claims to burn 800 calories per hour, and the booming industry of herbal products that promise a miracle cure for everything. Oh, and you need to wear the right gear so you have to have these really expensive type of socks or whatnots to make it work.

Everything had a tag price in it; it was really inundating to the brain. Lahat na lang MAY BAYAD. Magastos.

Another thing perpetuating the “Fitness is expensive” myth is the proliferation of expensive organic or healthy food joints. There are also so many posh restaurants. While it is true that fast food is more convenient and cheaper compared to these organic or healthy food options, anyone can improvise with the right supply of vegetables and fruits.

The basics like garden salads can be kept fresh using palengke-bought ingredients. All you need is a good refrigerator or a nearby salad bar that you can visit daily if you do not have a fridge.

For dressings, you can make tiny decisions like using balsamic vinegar instead of the more calorie-laden mayonnaise dressing. It’s not a drastic lifestyle alteration that you switch on one day at whim. It’s really more of  a series of tiny decisions that accumulate over time.

Factoring in all the hospital trips I made from a very unhealthy lifestyle, I can really say that choosing to live a healthier lifestyle is actually at a bargain price.

You may be shelling out a few bucks here and there for the ingredients that feed you daily, but you are actually saving yourself from avoidable medical conditions or illnesses. 

Fitness is really a MAJOR LIFE DECISION. Other people cannot force you to be fit. It’s really your motivation that will set the difference between a mere ningas cogon fad or a lifetime commitment to becoming a healthier person. It becomes part of your mindset so that it will have a lasting effect. If you do not make efforts to improve your physique with this permanent mindset in place, you will end up slipping in your efforts. You can easily be swayed to give up your workout time or your food preferences.

One important fitness responsibility every woman must have is the genuine and unshakeable motivation that stems from the core of herself. For me, it worked that I made a solid decision to lose weight and shape up because I WANT TO DO IT FOR ME, not because my partner wants me to be sexy and definitely not because other people are pressuring me to stop looking a certain way. Other people’s insulting comments did not help me at all. Some people just think they are helping, but they are not. My very own decision propelled me to adjust my life to accommodate a fit lifestyle. It’s your own WILL being put to the test on a daily basis.

I made a decision out of genuine respect for my body. I can no longer feed myself too much garbage physically or mentally because I wanted to be the best version of myself at this moment. Not what they dictate as a perfect figure. But what is perfect FOR ME.

Getting so sick and going to the hospital too many times wore me out. I got tired of the drill. I asked myself: is this how I want to spend my money and my life, in and out of hospitals?

It reached a point where my negligence of my health affected my career. I told myself: THIS. ENDS. HERE. I need to make some real lifestyle changes to improve my life and my physical health.

Once that has been settled, I started moving in the direction of fitness. It became more natural, and eventually working became as necessary as brushing my teeth or sleeping 7 hours every night.

It is in these first steps that I learned a valuable lesson: you don’t have to spend a fortune to get fit or to have the right tools. You can improvise if you allow yourself to be a bit more resourceful and creative with your approach.

For example, recently I used a ruined stocking to create one of my workout outfits:


I threw that in with a basic Triumph black bra with good support and a blue hipskirt that my friend Lynne bought at a Greenhills tiangge for Php 350 in 2012.

All in all, I spent nothing because I had them in my cabinet this whole time. But if you are to buy this, it’s just Php 600, which is only equivalent to a one-hour Zumba session in a famous gym.

This is what I came up with for my day’s workout:

fitness-freedom-bellydancing-mirror-back1 fitness-freedom-bellydancing-mirror-back2

In the comfort of my home, I watched some basic bellydancing Youtube tutorials.I think I lost around 500 calories in 2 hours for this session. My money remained intact.

Precisely because I am enjoying the private workout moment at home, I did not have any inhibitions to move as I please even if I am not the world’s best dancer:

Fitness is FREEDOM.

Fitness is FREEDOM.

Forget that I was not wearing the latest sports brand or that I did not have a teacher to teach me everything. Later if I have the extra resources and the confidence to join a group in a gym, I’d probably take my hipskirt out of the house or add a piece here and there. For now, though, I just wanted to HAVE FUN with my workout because when you have fun, you tend to do it MORE OFTEN without dragging your butt. And I don’t let limited funds limit my options. 🙂

I was moving. I was lighter than I was months ago. I had no qualms in imitating the moves in the videos or assuming different body positions. In addition, I ate good food that did not cost an arm and a leg and it strengthened me. I slept a full 7 hours each night and I renew myself in time for my next workout.

I started to see results from the efforts that stemmed out of my decision to embrace fitness as a lifestyle. But it was not the main end of everything I have done these past few months.

Do not get me wrong. It is nice to have a smaller waistline and it’s one of the unmistakable benefits of my new lifestyle changes:

Belly Goooood

Belly Goooood

It was not easy to undo years of unhealthy living and unhealthy eating habits. I provide myself a lot of kindness, because I understood that I cannot contradict deeply ingrained habits too easily.

One more note: I do not deprive myself excessively. I still eat my favorite chocolates and sweets. But everything is now done in moderation. For certain food decisions, I made gradual changes for long lasting effects. I did not do a full deprivation. Two years ago, I tried the cabbage soup diet that aims to lose weight fast by isolating food groups in a 7-day regimen. I fell back on the fourth day. I was not able to last. And this is a key ingredient towards finding your own path to personal fitness. You need to know what works for you and what does not, and concentrate your energies on what works.

There is so much to be said because my decision to be fit won’t fit in a single blog post. But I will try to take it one step at a time. For this blog post, suffice it to say that deciding to nurture a proper fitness mindset and making room for fitness with any of your available resources is already half the battle won.


for Budget-Conscious
Brides and Beauties

It’s Easter time, so I guess it’s the perfect time to announce my latest series here in this blog. I informally call it the “Resurrect Your Alindog” project. But as stated in the title above, we formally and more completely call it the “Bilbil Busters for Budget-Conscious Brides and Beauties”

Board exam tips are for all types of board exam takers. This time, I am focusing on women who need to shed some excess pounds.

Years ago, I made some sets of blog posts for special topics, foremost of which is the board exam tips. (I tried making a series on love stories but it got hard to maintain because of internal pressure and information overload. I plan to continue that series sometime soon, I promise. )

In keeping with the spirit of providing really useful and helpful lifestyle content, I am making a new blog post series on health and weight loss for women.

In particular, I am writing this for the ultra-busy women who cannot see themselves going to the gym all the time. I especially wrote this for soon-to-be BRIDES who need to fit in their wedding gown without shelling out too much to do so. Wedding planning can be batshit crazy on some days and it can get really expensive, so practicality in other matters is a must.

Like the board exam tips, it’s based on my actual experience. The only gym equipment I have used so far is the elliptical trainer and the exercise bike. I will give options on what worked for me and give some alternatives in case you do not have the equipment that I used. As much as possible, I would refrain from dictating workouts because everyone has different body types and considerations.

During college, I was all of 95 pounds and I ate 3 cups of rice every meal without gaining weight. I ate SIX RICE MEALS per day. I felt invincible. Feeling ko it will last forever. At the time, I never thought I’d be writing a blog post series on weight loss 10 years down the line. But here I am now, writing about what worked for me.

Women like me are inclined to collect more calories since metabolism slows with age annually. Experts call it calorie creep phenomenon.

The maximum effects of my weight gain were in the years 2012 to 2013. I looked absolutely horrendous, figure-wise. Reality started slapping me in the face in 2012. In my case, the calories crept to my belly in a major way!

Here is proof, taken on my birthday last September 2013, around 7 months ago:

Helen in September 2013

Helen in September 2013

My waistline was around 32 or 33 inches, I think. I was NOT pregnant, by the way. I was just eating at a buffet for my birthday at the time. And I haven’t even started eating yet when they took this picture!

Grabe diba.

You can see the BIG problem there. It actually came to the point where the MRT guards and Trinoma guards give me priority in the queue for PREGNANT people. In fact, even my neighbors ASSUMED that there was a bun in the oven already. Parang gusto ko na lang magtago, sobrang laki talaga ng tinaba ko. 🙁

It’s quite offensive when people told me how fat I am. I have heard this sooooo many times!

It’s actually rude when you don’t see people for a long time and then they exclaim how big you became. It’s as if I do not have a mirror at home to make me painfully aware of my current predicament. Just so they know, I have a mirror, and I avoided it for many months. (T_T)

But we cannot expect everyone to be well-mannered, kind or considerate when it comes to our flaws. Sobrang harsh ng mga tao sa mga matataba or tumatabang babae.

In a way, it was my fault too because I let myself go like that for almost 3 years. The sad fact is that there are actually people who are happy that I became like a hippopotamus last year. Some people totally gossiped about my weight gain.

I know that my partner loves me no matter what shape I am in. I poked fun at myself too when people joke about it. But I think secretly, he also missed my slimmer days in 2011.

Even if I did not admit it openly last year, it really affected me. The more stressed I got about my weight gain, the more I resorted to STRESS EATING to comfort myself. It’s this sick cycle which also made me more physically sick and got me to countless hospital trips. It was a downward spiral. I thought I was hopeless, that I was not going to snap out of it.

Narrating everything in one blow is getting ahead of myself.

So let me just give a sneak peek of what happened after…

These photos were taken just last Maundy Thursday after my exercise routine.

Right now, I am nowhere near Marian Rivera’s 19 inches of waistline. But diminishing my waist from 33 inches to the 25.5 or 26 inches that it is now (without paying 50k for a Cohen diet or shelling out 55k for a lifetime gym membership) on a very shoestring budget is definitely an achievement.

I am posting these to ENCOURAGE anyone who thinks that shrinking 7 inches off their waistline is impossible. And that does not necessarily involve signing up for expensive things or buying expensive gear.

I am zooming it in so that you will see the work currently in progress:

Camera-Ready at Any Angle

Camera-Ready at Any Angle


Waistline: 26 inches (from 33 inches, 7 months ago)

There. I do not even have a sports bra brand to endorse to you while I show you all these. My outfit was just Php 100 from nearby tiangge booths in Ortigas. I was just wearing my pambahay.

Some people have lines in their abs and are often doing outdoor sports activities. It’s not the perfect waistline but it’s definitely better than my old waistline.

The focus of this series is not on how good you look with your workout clothes. Other websites will be more than happy to provide that kind of information for you. Like my board exam tips, it goes to the essentials that worked for me based on my experience in creating my own weight loss regimen. And in sharing these things, I hope that other people can benefit from my discoveries.

Disclaimer: I am no fitness expert and this blog series is not for elite people or celebrities who have their posse of fitness experts at their beck and call. If you have a nutritionist, that’s really awesome and you should continue your regimen. If you are enrolled in a gym, that’s great! You will have all the assistance you need and you should make the most of it. If you are wearing top-notch sports wear and attending great sports events, I am happy for you and you should continue that! 🙂 I am not sure what profit fitness buffs will have from this blog but it might provide some interesting insights for the open-minded.

This series I am making is more geared towards simple people who just want to get fit or improve their waistline without spending too much money.

It’s really for average people like me who need to lose a few inches here and there. This is for girls who ride buses or the MRT on their way to work. This is for working women who do not have the time or additional income to burn hours in the gym. This is for busy ladies who want to be fit, not necessarily sexy by Hollywood standards. This is for the bride who is running the risk of becoming bridezilla with all the wedding preparation stress and needs to pamper herself without paper bills flying out of her wallet. It’s for the fitness-hungry females who have been overtaxed, underpaid, and heavily stressed by life’s demands.

So if you think that this is your brand of becoming fit for 2014 and beyond, I invite you to this online series that I will be making in the coming days. 🙂

And like me, I hope you have a lot of fun as you try to make lifestyle changes and rediscover your fabulous physique without drilling a hole in your pocket:

Bilbil Busters for Budget-Conscious Brides and Beauties FTW!

Bilbil Busters for Budget-Conscious Brides and Beauties FTW!


Isa itong patunay na hindi mo kailangang magpaka-burgis sa mga bagay-bagay para maging bodylicious. 🙂 

In my next post for this series, I will discuss about your single biggest fitness responsibility and why it matters so much in your efforts to lose weight. 🙂  <3 <3 <3



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