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Resurrected Self-Esteem

Something I did this week made things right, for some reason. I don’t know what it is. But there is a marked increase in my peace of mind. Mind you, this is not even the end of my problems. I still have a dozen of them hanging within the confines of this poor brain. I guess I just got used to what used to be unusual. Abnormal became the new normal. 🙂

I spent a great deal of my time playing Word Battles and a bit of Candy Crush. It was as if my entire existence depended on the darn thing whether it ticks or if I win the gold coins in the tournament (a measly 3 coins, at that) or if I manage to eliminate all the colored candies on the screen. What has made these games so addicting, anyway? Not that I just spent the entire week playing it. I only spent a few hours (still a few hours too many for a game!), and then the rest was spent reading books that are totally unrelated to what I was supposed to work on. Surprisingly, I had a fresh pair of eyes for the work I had to do after Word Battles and a bunch of really magical books that I read for fun, leisure, and additional learning. I guess there is such a thing as sharpening the saw.


It is interesting to note that the games in themselves have a very relaxing effect on me. This, plus around three or four books that I managed to peruse. That, and my blog. I think it helps to write, that writing is therapy. That words have a healing effect even if it’s as mundane as forming words out of jumbled letters in an online makeshift Word Battle Tournament.

Possibly, I find such solace in words because words don’t hurt me. I have such familiarity with writing that even when I am not the best of all or a Pulitzer-winning type, I still find it such a relaxing and fulfilling hobby.

Or maybe, it’s simply because it’s Easter and God has resurrected my self-esteem because I have been so down for the last few weeks.

Whatever it is, it’s awesome and I am mighty grateful for the way things have picked up at the moment when I was all resigned and feeling like there was little to look forward to.

Happy Easter! 🙂