>from 2000 to 24: Assistant Editor for Engineering

>Job hunting did not come easy for me. I was heavily inspired by Thomas Alva Edison’s 2000 attempts before he succeeded in perfecting the light bulb that we now use in every house. So I said to myself, after oath taking, that I will make sure to give up only after I have submitted my resume to around 2000 companies. Persistence was the name of the game.

There have been some delays, but this morning it’s finally confirmed! Job offer is set this month! Wow. I don’t want the good vibes and useful job hunting information to stop here, so let me just share some of the things that helped me get to my dream job. (For more details on how much I want this job, click here.)

Let’s start first the faith-based stuff. PRAYERS work. The Opus Dei concept of sanctifying work, the St. Josemaria Escriva novena and real persistent morning prayers helped me a lot in this whole ordeal. While I waited for this, I made myself busy with part time work to keep me sane. I have people to thank who trusted my writing and editing services. Some of the stuff I did were for love and friendship. It’s easy to say I love you, but quite a different thing to really show love in concrete action.

Initially, I really made sure to define which area of the world I want to work in. My priority was Quezon City, because it has the distance I am most used to traveling during college days. I also had the privilege to check on Makati and Ortigas, them being the metro’s business districts.  I was open to working there, but I knew my priorities. I even entertained Singapore and Australia, but I know Winnie Monsod will haunt me.

Like everyone else, I was fervently checking posts in Jobstreet and asking friends in companies if they have openings. There are friends of friends who also had such influence in some nice companies here in the country. I was so grateful for the many people who extended their assistance. Some persons worth noting are Paul, Terence, John, Jona, Nay Blessie and my friends in Daniw center.

I had mistakes in the first 23 companies I applied to. I made sure not to repeat my mistakes and I learned from each job application. This is the right attitude to adapt. There were times I was getting discouraged. But dear job hunter, don’t let that get to you. In time, you will find the perfect fit.

Twenty four sent resume copies later, I bagged the dream job.

How do you know if it is your dream job? It is when you can really tell that you want it. Go for it when you want it so bad that even when you don’t get paid for it, you still see yourself doing it. In my first 6 years as a freelance writer, I was mostly concerned about how much I am going to get. Fortunately, a lot of people did not give up on me and I finally realized that there’s more to life than a fat paycheck.

More than wanting it, I evaluated myself and checked if my qualifications were at par with what they needed there. I asked my closest friends if they see me working there. And they did. They were just as excited as I was!

Having answered this, I stopped everything that got in the way of the job that I want. And I did everything in my human power to get it. I left all the other uncontrollable details in God’s hands. This meant taking three gruelling exams that reminded me of my Geodetic Engineering board exam. And having to agonize for weeks, waiting for that We-want-you-here call.

Once I was steadily progressing in my application, I did a lot of research. I learned what an Assistant Editor generally does and how my specialization figures in this particular position. I read on the common interview questions for that position. I even went as far as looking for people who have experience with that kind of thing. To no avail. haha. Assistant Editor for Engineering was not really something that comes by frequently!

Before my interview, aside from reviewing interview questions, I was reading on the company website. I got to know their goals. And it helped me form questions to the interviewer. I had four questions prepared for them after they interviewed me, which showed how interested I was in them.

Easy to get nervous during a job interview. But I did my poor best to relax. Another thing I learned from Paul is to tell yourself the day before that “I’m the man for this job!” But you don’t just say it, you say it like you mean it from the bottom of your heart. This can only happen if you are fully convinced that you are qualified for that job.

And when there was nothing left for me to do, I PRAYED more.

I also detached myself, even when I wanted this job so bad. I entertained the possibility that I will not get it. So I had plan B somewhere, an additional 1876 more companies to apply to. Persistence, yes. We do not just mean sitting on a couch and waiting for opportunity to come in.

As a freelancer waiting for dream job, I spent time with friends and family. I did whatever I can to improve my resume in each step. I harnessed the power of the Internet to upgrade my skills.

And here we are now.Such JOY. It’s like three suns rose from the East this morning.

All glory being given to God, I am looking forward to more posts about this career path that aptly marks the beginning of Engineer Helen Mary Labao’s quarter life.