>Eat Pray Love

>”Ruin is a gift. It is a road to transformation. And we must be always prepared for waves of transformations.”
-elizabeth gilbert, epl.

I spent my morning with mom and harvey, and the afternoon with my girl pals carol, mitch and ann rosette. We are the C.H.A.R.M. group during our freshie days in U.P. It stands for the letters of our names, aside from what I hope to be the female charm we four have in common.

It was so much fun meeting with them. And I have been dying to watch EPL since two weeks ago. J’ai de la chance; the movie was still showing at Trinoma Cinema 2! And I feel a bit sorry for being insistent to watch it. Rosette had something else in mind, but I believe they enjoyed my pick. Haha.

Hours flew by with them. Wasn’t it only yesterday when Carol was freshly married or Mitch was chubby wearing her hiphop shorts in school or Rosette hardly wearing any makeup or fancy clothing… And me, well, there were a lot of changes too…

Now, Carol is hands on raising my English speaking inaanak who wins contests. Manang mana kay ninang… Rosette is almost in marital bliss; she looks great and has become a girly girl even with her outfits. And Mitch is now wearing braces, lost all of her baby fats and looks ravishing.

I hope I looked better too, as they are. But I settled with blending in for the recovery might add some years to my aura for awhile.

There were some promises for future sleepovers and making this a monthly thing. I am so looking forward to that.

The realizations from the Julia Roberts movie deserves another post made when my brain is at its freshest best…

Meanwhile, I shall bask in the art of doing nothing.
Let’s cross over… Later. Haha.