Basta Blogger, Sweet Lover =D

In my life as a perpetual commuter, I have seen the slogan “Basta Driver, Sweet Lover” in many a jeepney bumper sticker. I often chuckle inwardly when I see it. But I do admit that for some people, drivers do have a certain appeal. I asked myself, what appeals to me, if not the sweet drivers? 😛

After a few days of ruminating while in transit, I realized that it is not just drivers who can be sweet lovers. Bloggers make sweet lovers too, in their own way. And I am not just saying that because I am a blogger, although we are all inclined to be subjective in our opinions on things. 🙂

There are ten things I have noticed that makes a blogger an authentic sweet lover (not to mention hot date, for that matter). And here are they:

10. Once you pique a blogger’s curiosity, you can count on and relish his or her attention to details and the little things.

Contrary to popular belief, it is the little things and tiny details that make a romance sizzling hot. Sure, we admire the blatantly flashy shows of affection, but there is an innate charm that hides beneath the LOL’s in chat windows, smileys, and subtle innuendos that pepper one’s conversation. A well-stimulated blogger notices cute details that ordinary people will not otherwise notice, like your favorite expression and whatnots. And these details make a lot of difference.

9. Google loves the blogger and gives you enough background to know him/her well.

Aside from getting access to the blogger’s social networking accounts and possibly seeing your boylet’s/girlette’s name in a long list of uploaded professional licensure exam results, a blogger has a lot of substantial information online that Google can unveil for you.

You will know that he or she is allergic to certain types of food and is inclined to listen to certain types of music. And yes, you already eliminate the risk of dating a psycho because you will already have a psychological profile of the person after you read his or her entire blog. You can easily know where he/she is coming from, where he/she is now and what he/she wants in the future.

8. With a blogger, you never run out of things to do and talk about.

Since bloggers are often up to date with the latest trends in the online and offline world, there is always an adventure waiting for you when you date a blogger. There is never a dull moment. 😀

7. A healthy catharsis and a good support system help keep the blogger in his/her element.

Since a blogger releases all his thoughts and spends a great deal of time constructing his or her working autobiography or legacy through his or her blog, he/she is well able to process negative emotions and will not vent it on his/her love life or offline loved ones. He/she will also have a support system of like-minded people who enjoy his/her content, and will most likely prefer to be productive than toxic. And nothing is sexier than a person who is able to bounce back from setbacks quickly.


6. A blogger is most inclined to be open-minded and flexible to change.

Frequent interaction with different types of people inclines a blogger to be open-minded and flexible. He/she will be open to new ideas and can most easily adapt. You can introduce him/her to your entire clan and your set of friends easily. Plus, you can pitch in your ideas, even the crazy ones, without fear of being judged.


5. Reading between the lines is a blogger’s trademark line of expertise.

I don’t know why, but probably the exposure to volumes of text enables a blogger to read between lines really well. What I genuinely enjoy when talking with bloggers is their ability to read between the lines. In romance, there are things which are much sweeter when done implicitly and left for the other to decode. There are shallow exchanges on the surface but run with deeper meanings.


4. A blogger is generous in every aspect.

And with this, I do not mean just being generous with his/her Adsense earnings. A blogger is a sharer and helper, by nature. He/she will not be a blogger otherwise. He/she shares his/her thoughts openly and often, in this journey or opening one’s self, run the risk of being hurt and vulnerable to toxic people who may gain access to what he/she writes.

Love is better expressed when there are two people willing to give themselves fully and freely. And a blogger innately has this generosity in him/her.

3. The blogger knows his or her personal voice, and respects yours.

A constant writer, the blogger is fully aware of his or her personal boundaries and personal voice. He/she has well-developed constructs or sets of opinions. And he/she will not lose his/her identity that easily when in a relationship because all that writing and recording of experiences online allows him/her to solidify as an individual.

2. You can get a daily dose of witticisms, out-of-the-box ideas and resourcefulness from a blogger. (self-explanatory already ;-))

1. Beyond the actual fun and experience, a blogger can immortalize your romance with a blog post.

Words and pictures are love for the blogger. It may or may not work out in the long run (because there are really no guarantees in this life), but nothing beats the prose of a blogger when sparks are flying and a possibility of romance is in the horizon. If it does not work out later on, you have an archive full of colorful and happy memories to look back  to. If it does work out, you already have something to show your kids and grandchildren later on.


So there’s my list, and I am pretty sure you have your own stashed away somewhere in your mind, if not splayed in cyberspace.

I write this post to those who are open to the idea that it does not hurt to have freshly picked flowers beside your keyboard while you are blog-hopping or writing your new post, go offline for some hours to go on a date, and write a post about how well it went afterwards.

So, for those who are still single, consider. Try dating a blogger.

Basta blogger, sweet lover. 😀