Pitch Perfect

An otherwise drab two days of computer overhaul turned into an awesome opportunity to bond with my teenage sister. I was midway through my current read (another Lynn Truss book!) and reacquainting myself with the nuances of an operating system when she suggested that we watch Pitch Perfect while waiting for the installations this evening. It was a pitch perfect idea.

The spontaneous suggestion celebrated the beauty of youth and spontaneity further with the character of Becca, the lead female character of the movie. No, it’s not big on plot developments or thought-provoking moments. But it had a “fat heart” that inspires and celebrates music at its finest. It’s not as heavy or intense like Mr. Holland’s Opus. It’s the just-right, upbeat, comic, and lightly romantic night cap to an otherwise dull evening of watching Windows OS boot itself over and over again.

While watching Pitch Perfect, I distinctly recall the reality show entitled The Sing-off, hosted by Nick Lachey of 98 Degrees. I fell in love with the a capella group performances in that show, particularly the Season 1 champion who had a Boyz II Men vibe in them. I find it so amazing that many unique sounds can come out from a person’s vocal cords alone. I was unable to catch much of the season where Sara Bareilles was one of the judges, but I really felt like this whole a capella business is an art form in itself.

As Becca discovered herself with the things she genuinely loves and enjoys, I take mental note of how life is genuinely meant as a gift to be enjoyed than a giant burden to put up with on a daily basis. Like inconvenient nodes on one’s throat, daily frictions can wear out the magic of the little things. But in reality, it’s those little savored things that give volumes of meaning to life.

Watching this movie is one of the few times this year that I find myself really having a good time that is 100% not in a contrived manner. The whole two hours of it comprised a moment in my life where I was truly able to be simple and let my hair down. It was like in those days when I was nine years old and incessantly playing the piano just for the fun of it, not because some people asked me to play something that they want. As I get older, these moments tend to become a little more elusive.

I should do this more often. There should be more movies like this on my hard disk soon to help break the ice. 🙂