Summer Komikon 2014


The original plan after lunch with JR was to hunt down my good friend RK, meet his girlfriend Sue, and bolt. Yeah, bolt for the exit and just stay at the entrance area to give our birthday gift.

But as always, I underestimated my fatal attraction for all sorts of reading materials. Somehow, the fever and fervor of the Pinoy Komik fans rubbed off. Perhaps, it was also because I nursed some indulgence for Pinoy komiks. I grew up reading Funny Komiks in elementary. In high school, I fell in love with Pupung and Pugad Baboy. In college, I had the privilege of interviewing the legendary Culture Crash team and Beerkada’s Lyndon Gregorio for my second published article at Sense and Style of Manila Bulletin.

And then, I graduated…


I don’t know what exactly happened after that, but I was certain that I stopped reading komiks for around 4 years since that day I left the university.

Never gave it much thought before. But I realized how Pinoy komiks figured prominently in my array of reading experiences and in my life.

I love words in all forms, and stories are even more fascinating when rendered with the appropriate amount of art.

Contrary to what some people believe, comics possess so much depth and express so much of our culture. There are as many varieties of comics as there are personalities of artists that make them. I felt a bit claustrophobic when I scoured the tables for new reads.

At least, there was some fresh air outside:

summer-komikon-bayanihan-center-john-ray-bergado summer-komikon-bayanihan-center-photo-by-JR-Bergado

In keeping with the spirit of Summer Komikon 2014, here is my chibified description of my OOTD (outfit of the day):


My uber Casual Attire was composed of the following: Black T-Shirt for Php90 at a Cubao tiangge, Basic denim shorts from God-knows-where tiangge (nalimutan ko, sorry) for Php 150, and Parisian Basic Flats for Php 500. Php 200 sunglasses from i2i. Yellow cute bag for Php 100. All under Php 1,000. 🙂

After around 20 to 30 missed calls, JR and I found RK and Sue at the corner of the projector area. No, I did not hold them at gunpoint to have this photo taken. Squeamish as they may be for being taken hostage by JR’s phone camera, I just had to take this snapshot because they have been most gracious and I want to keep this happy memory in my blog post.


I pestered these two for recommendations, and boy, am I happy that I got some really good new comic books to read. I actually wish I had more money but I prioritized on the ones that intrigued me the most.

Trese by Budjette Tan and Kajo Baldisimo

I was not really sure what the fuss was about regarding this book. I have been living in a cave so I did not know that it’s the new big thing in horror comics. I did know that my friend Alexis asked me to buy her the Trese books. I saw the nods of approval from the cutest comic books fan friends ever (see photo above) when I mentioned the title, so I bought it without really knowing what it was.

Come book signing time, I was really embarrassed because I had to have it signed on behalf of Alexis.

So I introduced myself as her. (LOL)

I was not even smart enough to check the blurb to see that the name of the main, main character is Alexandra Trese. So when the prolific Budjette joked that he can possibly include me (that time disguised under name Alexis) as a hidden sister of Alexandra, I did not get the compliment immediately. #facepalm

One of the highest compliments that a comic story writer can tell a fan is to tie her name up to the main character. Lucky, lucky, Alexis!

Nonetheless, Alexis now has the copy of two signed books from Budjette and Kajo.

summer-komikon-trese-budjette-tan-kajo-baldisimo-murder-balete-drive summer-komikon-trese-budjette-tan-kajo-baldisimo-murder-balete-drive-back-cove

And I get the photos with them ha ha ha. Look at our happy fan faces:

summer-komikon-budjette-tan-helen-rk-aranas summer-komikon-kajo-baldisimo-trese-helen-mary


Everyone is happy. 🙂

In the evening, I actually read Alexis’ copies and I deeply regretted not buying my own copy.

First two pages pa lang, I. BECAME. A. FAN!

Ohmifrigginggoodness sobrang ganda lang talaga.

So I googled and stalked the blog:


I was warned that it was depressing. As it turns out, I was actually more enchanted than depressed. I know depressed of the medication-inducing kind.

IMHO, on a scale of 1 to 10 of depressing literature, this is a 5 or 6. (I’ve read Nabokov’s Lolita and some other war novels so those are the level 10 pieces.)

The chapter cover had MAPS. Orgasmic for spatial IT enthusiasts like me, definitely. The take on Filipino mythology is so dark and rich and intellectual. It’s a smart person’s comic book. It’s full of Filipino culture. Duwendes, tikbalangs, and urban legends of mall magnates… I can’t wait to get my own copies of the books.

Once, I read a light novel with a sassy, girly stab on Filipino mythology but it focused on gods and goddesses. The name of the book was Interim Goddess of Love by Mina Esguerra and I enjoyed it very much:


I realized that I like these sorts of materials.

I know that if these Trese guys get an Eisner, I’d kill for their autograph again.

So next time, I promise that I’ll buy a whole set and introduce myself. <3 (I hope that they have so many fans and I will be a forgettable face so that the fan girl faux pas gets buried forever.)

Moving on…

Pasig by Taga Ilog

I first met this guy in person in 2004 as part of my interview for Culture Crash. He had a silver pail in his head and just enough holes for his eyes.

His aura of mystery contributed to the unique legendary charm of Culture Crash among fans. I was one of the lucky few who saw him without the silver pail then. These days, though, you will see him in Komikon sans the famous silver pail and with his beautiful wife who is also a talented artist.

He draws and he writes. I really like the whole concept of the Fringe Division-ish investigation bureau in the setting of Pasig City.

I have noticed the change in his cartoons, as he was keen in pointing out at his writing on one issue:

pasig-tabing-ilog-culture-crash pasig-tabing-ilog-culture-crash-drawing-difference

I will personally be keeping an eye out for a Pasig collection or anthology in the future. In full color again, I hope, like in Culture Crash days. I really missed those guys. 🙁 They even gave me a cute little stuffed toy inspired by the One Day Isang Diwa character. <3

Slash by Edward Echavez and Cathy Bucu

So, I was expecting the old comic veterans when I entered. I expected the people I interviewed before.

But I did not expect a former officemate to be there! Haha! I found Cathy and Edward, two fine people from my former publishing job. I was sad because I could not buy his book (Php 300) given my other purchasing priorities and dwindling purchasing power.

But I wanted to show some support so here is the postcard I bought instead, the only colored piece in my Summer Komikon 2014 stash:



Astounding. I look at this postcard and I marvel at the amazing people God allows me to meet, even only in passing. Congrats, Gady Bear and Edward. 🙂 I look forward to buying the actual book in another event.

Filipino Heroes League by Paolo Fabregas

Written by another prolific comic artist with a name that always resonated positively with me, Filipino Heroes League is a buying decision I made after I fell in love with the back cover:


How can a person like me resist a third world superhero in hot pursuit of a hooligan using a PEDICAB?

Only in the Philippines! I just knew I had to buy one of these. A brainchild of a former Coke commercial model and actor, FHL is satire in comic form. It depicts the Philippines in a very resonant way, and it maintains the humor and the entertainment that comes with the cultural awareness of FHL’s plots.


I am planning to get BOOK TWO and have it autographed next time.

The CHIBI-fied Dev Duo

Aside from the comic book finds, we went to Lady Storyteller’s booth at the Indie Komiks section to have our chibi images done:

JR here is looking all dapper with his chibified face, moustache and all:


For the record, this friend of mine rarely smiles and I need to record this for happy memory safekeeping. I forced him to buy a ticket to Komikon and I am happy that he was cheered by his chibi.

I was really happy with how it turned out for me, too. Here’s my blog shoutout to the ultra cool Lady Storykeeper who made these fabulous chibified sketches. On average, it took her around 10 minutes to create each one:




Honestly, if you ask me, I think this girl should charge more for her art. They make it so affordable for their exposure.

One one hand, it’s delightful for readers like me and we can buy more with less. But I can see the level of work and skill required of this endeavor. I believe that they deserve to get paid and patronized more.

I bought the other books I mentioned at the main hall of the Summer Komikon, and then I bought just 2 tiny comics from this indie lady.

One Floor Up by Lady Storykeeper

summer-komikon-lady-storyteller-one-floor-up-apartment-hunting summer-komikon-lady-storyteller-one-floor-up-inside summer-komikon-lady-storyteller-one-floor-up-meet-the-boys I have a soft spot for independent artists and I like buying from them whenever I can. This one caught my attention because it’s quite girly. I already have a horror title and a satire. So I went for a sassy, Kpop-ish, feel-good komik trip with this one.

I really think the dialogue can still use some editing. But it’s funny in the right places and holds so much potential. I gave it to my sister as pasalubong after I read it.

When I featured Beerkada in 2004 for a lifestyle article, the comic artist Lyndon Gregorio already had a rising set of followers from Philippine Star and other Beerkadets (fans). The lifestyle magazine had a different set of audience who got to know the comic books he was making. It could have helped spread word of what his comics were about to people who would not normally frequent Komikon events like this one. I unfortunately did not have enough stash to buy another Beerkada title from this event because of my unplanned spree, but I was able to say hi to the smart (Mensa smart) guy and read a recent comic strip from the web version. 🙂

Most of these comic book success stories began with independent comic books or even old obscure scrawl marks of a Sharpie pen or a 0.7 gel pen on a piece of bond paper… Somehow, I think most of them have this in common: 1.) they did not stop drawing even if they did not sell a copy, 2.) somebody BELIEVED in what they did, and 3.) that one person who believed spread the love and joy of the artist’s creation to others.

It’s really an auspicious mix of talent, of good timing, and of good opportunities. It’s a wheel, too, so one can have the both the feast and famine.

While others file in a long line for the titles that sell, I am the type who also likes digging for diamonds in the raw. And I think I found it in this Lady Storykeeper girl who made my chibi, the author of One Floor Up. I hope that like the more successful guys in the main hall, I will also see her creations in a bigger space, paid in a way that is somehow commensurate to the talent that she is offering the world. 🙂

An unintentional adventure that was, Summer Komikon 2014 made me realize that I will never be too old for Pinoy Komiks. <3

Thanks, RK, Sue, and JR. Thanks, Summer Komikon 2014.

Advisory on Hacking:

hacker attack on Facebook


This serves as a public announcement to friends and other concerned people that starting today, I am no longer using Facebook or other forms of social media. Any individual who uses my profile and photos are not authorized and must be reported IMMEDIATELY. I will never use Facebook again. I don’t see the point in continuing to patronize a website that cannot really secure its users beyond the usual IP address traces (just so you know, anyone can mask an IP address these days).

You can contact me through my cellphone and other usual channels ( for email) but I think I’ve had enough of Facebook, so please be warned accordingly if you are genuinely interested to hear from the real me. I maintain the cause of writing board exam tips in this blog.





The Few Good Things She Wants (before the World Ends this Friday)

At this time and age, she knows it’s quite hard to achieve everything materially. She knows she’ll be lucky enough to have enough to pay the bills, help her family have a comfortable life. Her biological clock ticks ominously with the weird nuances of the world’s end. And marriage proposals and activities left and right affirm the frantic frenzy that is her twenty-something age. Soon she will be barren and well, everyone’s getting her to bear more godchildren instead of her own personal offspring to post Instagram pictures with.

She will work her ass out to earn her ass out, but burn her ass out in sickness after one sleepless work night too many. She will see other women more hideous (in attitude) than her get hitched earlier and have cute babies and live the Stepford Housewives lives. She’ll endure all that with the hope that one day, this guy she’s walking with in life will somehow notice  how time is flying. She’s hoping that even without saying anything, he’ll deem her worthy to be proposed to in a proper way.

She’d want her man to announce to the world that she is his one and only. She’d want him to be so excited about the prospect of getting married to her that he will overcome many things, even his own upset stomach session and fears just to give her the commitment that she deserves. She will really want his initiative in making these plans. And if in case he makes demands that require her to change the way she runs her life, he will back it up with his own plans, his own changes to his comfort zone that will make it all worth her while. She kind of hopes that he’s more excited than her, that he’d take a bit more risks just to keep her. Because she is taking so much risks in her own life, her career, her entire being, just to keep it all in sync with his ambitions and dreams. 

She won’t want the moon or flamboyant weddings that rival those of the Hollywood stars. She’ll just want him to properly pop the question with the decency of a formal ring. A little romance, perhaps. Just a little INITIATIVE from his end to make this work and go somewhere.

She wants to hold on to that ring when she’s not feeling okay with all the work she took and the price she paid just to stay with this man she believes to be her one and only in life. She wouldn’t mind a long engagement for as long as the PROMISE is there. The world may end tomorrow, but at least she takes comfort in the fact that he managed to ask that question and make her feel like she really mattered, that she mattered that much to him.

She won’t want a wedding gown immediately. She can get married in the post office wearing shabby clothes and she’ll be happy for as long as she is marrying him. He is the most important element of a wedding, and few details matter from there, really. And she’ll want him to do this willingly and not just because other relatives are pressuring him to conform to society’s norms.

Or not just because she starts crying because of his lack of solid commitment even as he asks her to shift her entire life for him. Even as he asks him to give up her own advancement and ambitions, she’ll be willing. Because there is a real commitment that comes with a ring. That in it, she’s no longer just a girlfriend, but a real partner in life. It’s like telling her: “Hey I know I had asked you to say yes in being your girlfriend. But I want to make sure that we go somewhere higher and I want this to mark that intention to keep you forever.”

Unfortunately, life is no fairytale at all. She will most likely get half-baked answers and squeamishness and casual questions asked out of the guy’s whim.  And painful admissions and numerous reasons of why he can’t do this now, instead of optimistic efforts to make it work against the odds.

And in the end, she realizes that while she built her world around him and made all those crazy decisions at the expense of her own health, he is not quite getting it– the immensity of her love, the brevity of life and existence, and the urgency of being with him at a time where everything seems to be falling apart.

What’s taking so long?

What if the world did end this Friday?

Was he even worth all the crazy things she signed up for?

It matters little if the world ends this Friday. Now she questions herself: Is her ladder actually resting on the right romantic wall?

She realizes with tears in her eyes that she’s practically deluding herself all this time. She should not limit herself but instead start making her own castle, be it here or overseas. Because the things she wants won’t happen anytime soon. Because he continues to take this issue for granted because he has other things to do.

Because she is always there for him and that makes the whole thing so easy for him to take for granted. Why fix what’s not broken? Why propose when I am getting what I want out of her as a girlfriend?

And that’s the painful reality. That we all prioritize getting it all so perfectly done. There’s the myth of having all the money in six digits to afford big weddings you can brag to people about, of having all the answers now, of having all the bases covered for retirement and for having kids.

But in all that concern for the practical details, we lose the person we were supposed to walk the aisle with and grow old with.

We were so busy making all these details perfect, that we didn’t see the perfection of the imperfect person we were supposedly preparing it for just as he or she is in the here and now.

So much for the few good things she wants.

If anything, it’s a sign to just keep moving forward, never looking back. Whether the world ends this Friday or not, she’s starting over and she will love herself more because she deserves it.

And she no longer has to wait in vain because she knows that after this broken session of undeserved pain, she will find the strength within herself to build her own castles, buy her own ring as a PROMISE to herself not to let herself down in this way again and pursue her own path if time permits.

If he can’t be man enough to commit to her in a more tangible way she can hold on to, she’ll be woman enough to accept what has been given and what has not been given of the few good things she wants.

For as long as she knows her worth and values herself well enough to know what she deserves, her waiting will never be in vain.





50 Shades of Grey

One of the most talked about books this month is EL James’ 50 Shades of Grey Trilogy. I just finished the first of these three books which is entitled Fifty Shades of Grey. Based from what I have researched so far, it’s claimed to be a spinoff from the author’s old uploaded Twilight fan fiction. Whether Edward Cullen was resurrected into Christian Grey matters little to me; I’ve read all Twilight books and what this book offers is way different. Some even call it mommy porn. It’s intriguing. I just knew I had to read it.


The first chapter was not really interesting. One would think that it was just another young adult novel. Fortunately, I pressed on because I was forewarned that it’s “spicy” reading material. I knew right after the warning that I am going to blog about it after. I have no experience reading fan fiction so some people may say that this story is mild compared to other existing online stories. I have to admit that reading this kind of encouraged me to read more fan fiction. LOL.


There was flow to a certain extent in keeping my eyes glued to the text, but there was not much of a plot. It is not surprising in terms of turn of events. The predictability of the two main characters, Christian and Anastasia, falling in love for one another is already given away in the early chapters. The main antagonist, Anastasia Steele, is unfortunately not too well-developed as an American college fresh graduate. And she doesn’t sound very American, I think. The fifty shades of grey can be said of the character development, if you ask me.


But what made it so unique are the heavy sexual content and the unorthodox theme. The dominant-submissive sexual relationship as interspersed with romantic nuances is outrageously inviting to those with curious minds. I have yet to meet another author as sexually imaginative as this person; almost every chapter of 50 Shades of Grey reeked of doing the deed. There were no pictures but the text is as graphic as written description can be. It surprisingly portrayed pain/pleasure dichotomy as a good and alluring thing, contrary to common belief (and I am a commoner, I admit).


Suffice it to say, the book is definitely not for kids. For women like me, it’s that racy type of reading material that you find yourself guiltily reading in the bathroom. It’s pure unadulterated escapism. Even famous people like Kristen Stewart and Ellen Degeneres swore by its extreme shamelessness. Some women will read it but will hide it somewhere and not admit to having read it in all its entirety.


It’s not something you will read in literature class, but more of a thing that you will talk with girl pals about on a girls’ night out, use as a possible required reading material during a bridal shower (if you are with a bookworm bride who shuns the stripper), or well, simply reading just for the sake of reading with hormones and less brain. In reading this book, you will only feel one of two things: extremely guilty or completely giggly. If you are complex, you can have it both ways.


On the up side of things, the wit of banter is present and dialogue is pretty good between the two main characters. It’s like eating cotton candy for the brain; it tastes good while you’re at it but you do not really expect to get a lot of intellectual stimulation from it.

I kind of approached the text of 50 Shades of Grey in a desensitized manner. Unlike Anastasia, I was more intrigued with the uniqueness than affected by the text. And I guiltlessly give this book review a day after I stayed up late just to devour all 356 pages of it.

If it’s any plus, I heard from the grapevine that the ultra-hot Ian Somerhalder will portray the role of Christan Grey in its film adaptation.

I can’t wait to hear Grey’s signature “Laters, baby.” from this upcoming film.


Rating: 3.5 stars

Value for Money: Just Right at 499 pesos

Who Do You Attract Quiz? (LOL)

Accurate! Haha.

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My Top 4 Bigating Best Actress Moments

Note: Ang pagkakahalintulad sa mga pangyayari sa tunay na buhay ay pawang nagkataon lamang. Isang malaking CHOS!

Pang-Biyernes Santo ang tema ng pagkamatay at pamamaalam, so tamang tama lang ito. Heto ang mga pinakabigating drama moments ng buhay ko. At kagaya ng mga nakagawiang posts na tulad nito, inaasahan kong malilibang na naman kayo sa kamalasan ko. Haha. Enjoy. Pang-Easter na din ito.

4. Role: Ang Sinawimpalad na Trabahador

Sa opisina ang setting nito.  Inemail ko siya ng napakahabang pamamaalam. Ang gaganda pa nga ng sinulat ko dun e. “I wanted you to be the novel that stretches out far to the end of my life. But I have to accept that you are just another SHORT STORY…” Yaddah Yaddah Yaddah… Alas siyete ko pa siya sinulatan nun para makapagtrabaho ako ng marami at hindi ko na siya iisipin. Sinabi ko pa sa email na: “Please do not keep in touch. Blinock na kita sa lahat ng accounts (Gtalk, FB, Twitter etc.) para hindi na ako masasaktan kung makita kong may kasama kang iba.” Maganda na e. Hindi na ako naiyak. Sabi ko, mas okay na ito para makalimot nako.

But wait! There’s more! Sumagot siya. Nag-text si Kuya ng mga alas nuwebe ng umaga. Binanggit niya ang term of endearment namin (arayyyyy baket yun pa kasi!) sabay sabing “I’m sorry…” Nung panahong iyon ay nage-edit ako ng makapal na math problems sa aking mesa. Panandalian akong tumingin sa bintana at tinanaw ko ang MRT train. Natulala ako dun ng mga sampung segundo. Tumingala ako kasi nagsisimula ng tumulo ang luha. Tinanggap lang niya na goodbye na kami. Ni hindi man lang ako pinigilan. Hikbi. Buset.

Nagtext pa ulit ng something like: “I will forever be grateful for what happened between us.” Huhu. Umiyak ako ng napakatahimik na iyak dahil nasa opisina ako. Nagpipindot sa keypad ng aking E71 in reply. Di ko na maalala eksaktong sinabi ko pero parang sinabi ko na. “Please tama na ang text. Please give me some dignity and capacity to work.” Pero ang tunay na gusto kong sabihin sa kanya: “Kung talagang FOREVER grateful ka ay hindi mo hahayaang mawala ako sa buhay mo ng ganun ganun na lang. Gagawin mo ang lahat wag lang akong mawala kung pang-FOREVER ka nga.” Kaso hindi ko na nasabi. Awang awa ako sa sarili ko nung mga panahong iyon.

At pumatak patak na ang matatabang luha dun sa math problems na inaayos ko. Tapos nagpa-panic na ako kasi nagsisinghot na din ako at maririnig na ako ng officemates kong mga abala din sa ginagawa nila. Malapit ko na rin silang masinghot sa sobrang lakas ng singhot ko nun. So pasimple akong umalis sa mesa, pumunta sa CR at kunwari ay iihi ako. May tao pala, naghuhugas ng kamay. Pakshet. Pigil iyak ulit.

Ngumiti ako sa tao sa CR, Ngiting aso na kasi nagpipigil ako ng iyak. Tapos pagdating sa cubicle, WALANG TISSUE. Anak ng huweteng. Umiyak pa rin ako. Huwag niyo ng tanungin anong ginamit kong pampahid sa luha ko. Pulang pula na ang mata at mukha ko doon. Kapit sa wall. Umupo sa trono na nakatukod ang siko sa tuhod. At pinatulo ko lang yung luha ko hanggang medyo mabawasan para hindi masira yung ine-edit ko sa mesa ko.

Bumalik ako sa mesa ko. Naiiyak pa rin ako. Pero konti na lang. Maya maya ay nilapitan ako ng officemate ko para magtanong tungkol sa isang proyekto. “Ayyy. Helen. What happened? Okay ka lang ba?” tanong niya. Sabi ko: “Oo okay lang ako…” Pero alam nilang umiyak ako.

Buset kasi si Kuya eh, sinabi ng wag ng magkeep in touch, nag-text text pa. Sana nami-miss niya rin ako.

The End.

3. Role: Ang Astronaut na Disinuwebe Anyos

Ang Nakaraan: Pinaghintay niya ako sa enrollment ng limang oras. Kasi daw eh nag-inuman sila ni Pareng Toot at hindi siya nagising ng maaga. Okay lang sana kung hindi enrollment. Nasa kanya kasi lahat ng requirements ko para makapag-enroll at pipila pa ako para kumuha ng ibang subjects. Nagkakalabuan na kami ni Kuya nun at napuno ako sa pagpapabaya niya sa akin.

Ang eksena: Hinatid ako ni Kuya sa bahay matapos ang nakakapagod na araw.

Sinimulan ko ang usapan:

Ako: Hunny, we need to talk.

Siya: Yes Hunny, what is it?

Ako: Hindi mo na yata ako mahal. I think we need some space. (Feeling astronaut ako nun e.)

Siya: (NGUMITI. NATUWA!) Ah talaga? Oo nga e. Salamat ah.

Ako: (Shocked) Ha? Ah… Okay…

Siya: Sige hunny alis na ako ha.

*Biglang tumugtog ang theme song namin. Bakyet ba ganyan ang mga DJ, parang psychic na mapang-asar lang*

He kissed me sa noo. Umiyak ako. Tapos nakangiti pa rin siya at umalis na siya. “Wag ka ng umiyak. Masaya kaya ako.”

Gusto kong habulin: “Tekaaaaaa. Hindi ko pala kayaaaaa. Waaaaaah”

May mapanising pwersang umaaway sa akin sa loob ng utak ko nun: Ayan tuloy. Space pala ha. Nasa outer space na tuloy yung puso mo na… MAG-ISA!

Pero wala akong sinabi out loud. Pumasok ako sa kwarto. Niyakap ko ang bigay niyang stuffed toy na malaki na kulay pink.

At bawat gabi ng buwan na iyon ay yakap-yakap ko ang stuffed toy na yun tuwing natutulog ako or umiiyak ako (alternate). 🙁

Na-miss ko siya ng mahigit limang taon. Na-miss niya ako pitong taon matapos ang aming hiwalayan.

(may mahaba at malungkot na karugtong ito kaso aantukin lang kayo pag ikuwento ko)

The End

2. Role: Kinulong sa Kotse

Nasa kahabaan kami ng trafficless C-5 nung biglang umiral ang pagkaseloso ni Kuya. Nagsimula siyang magkulay green (green with envy or jealousy diba) na parang si Hulk na payatot. Nagkunot pa ang kunot na niyang noo at napahigpit ang kapit sa manibela.

Ako: Ibaba mo na ako dito. Ayoko na! Please. Huhuhu…

Siya: *Nag-child lock ng mga pintuan ng sasakyan para hindi ako makalabas at pinabilis sa mahigit nobenta o otsenta ang patakbo sa kotse niya.*

Ako: *hagulgol at kumapit sa gilid ng kotse niya*

Siya: *Kumalma after 20 minutes na pagpapalipad ng sasakyan.*

Tinandaan kong wag ng makipag-date sa taong may kotse na mainit palagi ang ulo.

Wala akong pakialam kung ma-miss niya ako o hindi. Pero nung minsan inabangan niya ako sa klase ko para makipagbalikan, isang taon matapos ang nasabing insidente.

The End

1. Role: Call and Text SUPER DUPER Unlimited Iyakin

Gabing gabi na nun at akala ko ay tulog na ang mga tao. Habang may kausap sa cellphone sa Sun unli call at text, nagsimula kaming magtalo.  Hindi ko matandaan ang eksaktong detalye pero nagpapalitan kami ng English arguments ni then-bf. English-an kami ng English-an ni Koya (Koya siya kasi… hihi).

Ang tali-talino kasi ni Koya so may sinabi siya na hindi na ako nakasagot. Nasaktan ako ng husto kasi parang ininsulto niya ako nun.

So humagulgol ako. Parang ganito: “owoooooohhhhh. woooohhuhuhuhuhuhuhu…”

Tapos sabi niya: “Stop crying. Stop crying…” Galit na siya nung sinasabi niya yun.

Sabi ko…” wooohuhuhuhuhu. It’s over (pabulong). It’s over (normal voice). IT’S OVERRRRRR (pasigaw).”

At inulit ko siya. At inulit ko pa ulit.

Kumapit ako sa pinto habang humahagulgol sa telepono. May paluhod-luhod effect pa akong nalalaman.

(Hindi ito nakakatawa nung ginagawa ko, pero ngayong sinusulat ko ito ngayon ay naiisip kong nakakadiri talaga yung moment ko dito sa pintuan ng bahay namin nun. Yikes!)

Paglingon ko, nandun ang pinsan ko at tatay ko, nakanganga lang sa akin. Hindi makapaniwala. Para akong nabuhusan ng malamig na tubig. Umakyat ako sa kwarto at pinagpatuloy ko ang iyak ko pagkababa ng cellphone.

Kinabukasan, hindi nila ako tinigilan ng pang-aasar. Ginagaya nila ako. “It’s over… It’s OVERRRRR.”  Magpasahanggang ngayon ay tinutukso ako dito sa bahay ng “It’s over!” tuwing naririnig nila ito sa TV at sa radyo. Naging private joke na ito sa aming pamilya na umabot pa pati sa mga pinsan at kapitbahay namin.

Nag-break kami mga two months later pa. Acting lang talaga yung gabing iyon.

Alam kong nami-miss niya ako. Pero hindi ko na siya nami-miss kasi pinaiyak niya ako ng sobra-sobra noong mahal ko pa siya.


Kaya ako tinaguriang Best Actress sa aming pamilya. Ako kasi yung laging malas sa ganito.

Pero na-break na ang record ko ng pinsan ko kahapon. Bwahahaha. Best Supporting Actress na lang ako sa bahay. 😛 Yebah!

The End! 😀