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Helena is a fan of:

Helena is close or regularly (possibly almost everyday) talks to:

Helena is/was a colleague/classmate of:

Helena regularly lurks or visits (reading a lot, too shy or unable to comment):

Helena regularly reads and comments to the lairs of these blogosphere buddies:



9 thoughts on “LinkLove

      1. I’m fine. Struggling editor-at-large pa rin. How are you Please email me your contact details. 🙂
        I never retrieved the old blog. Someone bought my domain, when I failed to renew it with godaddy, and tried to sell it to me for effing $980. SO, I just made a new one. Di ko lang masyado maupdate dahil bugbog sa mga ginagawa. 🙂

        Anyway, hope to see you soon my dear! Kisses! <3

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