Data Sayangtist to Data Scientist Project

So here is something that has been eating up my time lately: DATA SCIENCE RESOURCES! And I am looking for people who want to join in my study so I am devoting an entire page just for the data science project. I welcome anyone who can give up a fraction of their social life for the love of data and number crunching.

And because I am in love with big data, I will be updating this page constantly for data science things.

As of December 2014, here are the two subjects that I successfully completed in Coursera’s signature track of data science:

The Coursera Data Science Signature Track

The Coursera Data Science Signature Track

The results have been remarkably encouraging:

Woot! :) Self-study Mode on!

Woot! 🙂 Self-study Mode on!


Belatedly, I am also looking into courses that are archived, such as this neat Data Journalism MOOC offering by Instructure’s Canvas:

A Sample Awesome Free Online Course

Canvas’ Europe-inspired Data Journalism Course


Here are also some other useful reading resources that I found online which will also point you to other equally useful data science learning resources:

At the moment, my programming languages of choice for my current efforts are R programming (superb for matrices!) and Python.

Useful Installations: (a nice list will be coming soon!)

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