Random Acts of Liking Kindness

One of my recent discoveries online are two apps that allow random acts of liking kindness: Forgotify and No Likes Yet. Forgotify finds the most neglected Spotify songs and then plays them. The rarely played tracks make for a very fresh listening experience and discovery of new music. No Likes Yet, on the other hand, curates all the Instagram photos that have zero likes yet and encourages the user to like them as a sign of good will.

These are really nice tools. I prefer paying things forward anonymously and showing love to unloved tracks and unrated photos. It also allows for better discovery and a break from the usual quality of virality perpetuated online. So far, I have discovered one good artist from Forgotify and a lot of fairly nice photos in Instagram that improved my eye for relatively unexplored photos.

I also find it deeply interesting that derivative apps like Forgotify and No Likes Yet serve to leverage its features to that of a well-established app. The only downside to this kind of product development is that it is highly tethered to the original app where it derives its features; a change or update in Spotify or Instagram, for example, will potentially make or break the derived app. But it’s a deeply interesting concept that many web and app developers are now adapting.


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