The latest object of my affection these days is a four-legged furbaby who has taken up most of my free time. I totally adore this puppy and I sleep beside her. She cured my decades of dog phobia with her cuteness and now I am joining in the alliance of people who are passionate for dogs, after years of preferring cats.

Now I know why so many people are crazy for dogs. They’re amazing! <3 <3 <3

My Reesey Pompom is pretty young and has a few tricks up her sleeve. A half-Pomeranian and half-Japanese Spitz, she loves belly/chin rubs, hates her vet visits (injections freak her out like crazy), and enjoys running around the house with her chew toys. I kind of spoiled her with new toys almost every week.

Strangely enough, she’s afraid of the outdoors and prefers walking inside the house. She’s what people know to be a toy breed which makes her so fragile; just jumping around can wreak havoc on her legs or trachea so I needed to develop that watchful eye to be a good furmommy. She fell off the bed once and I was unable to forgive myself for around a week. I also got equally frazzled when she acquired canine distemper, a horrible and very contagious disease that had her in the veterinary emergency room.  Fortunately, the Pendragon Veterinary Clinic in Kalayaan Avenue is super responsible. And her doctor Thea Salvador did an amazing job in saving her from doom. Had they not saved her, my poor Pompom will not have survived this long.

Speaking of poverty, I think I got really poor last month while adjusting to her needs. But the happiness she brings to the home is so worth it. If there was a rewind button and if I was asked to choose between the cost savings or the puppy, I will choose the puppy again. <3 Years ago, this would have been UNTHINKABLE. Haha!

Whenever I take Pompom to some place outdoors, she’d instantly get the attention of people and you cannot be a snob or ignore your surroundings when you are with a dog. I would actually end up SOCIALIZING despite my general anxiety, shyness, and introversion. It’s really nice because these days, it balances out my tendency to over-isolate myself. And you always have something to break the ice with. There’s just so many things to talk about with a dog in sight. And I kind of googled about dogs like crazy during the first three weeks that I took her home. There was a huge adjustment for me and I am happy to have undertaken that adjustment. It increased my happiness and decreased my stress levels considerably. <3

When I am working on my computer, she sits right beside my chair and she would go as far as following me to the bathroom (I forbid her, though. She tends to eat anything on the ground and I am trying my best to keep her clean.) There’s nothing more endearing than having that kind of rewarding companionship during the day while hubby is in the office and I am doing my thing in the way that I want here in my tiny nook. (Oh, and she wags her tail like crazy when her furdaddy arrives from work.)

Other than my baby Pompom, so many other things occupy my time these days. I am regularly working on my upstrokes and downstrokes for brush calligraphy and I also joined a camera club in a nearby city. Life is pretty simple from where I am but everything I want and need is within reach. I have one particular wish that has not been granted yet but I know that in God’s time, it can happen.

Meanwhile, I’ll attend to my furbaby with all my loving devotion. <3




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