Answered Prayer

Today, I received great news. The unexpected and great pieces of news are always the best gifts.

I kind of half-expected the worst case scenario for a certain thing and it did not turn out to be so bad after I finally faced the issue this morning. At this age, it’s pretty easy to be jaded and expect the worst in things. It is a form of self-protection mechanism.

There’s one more thing. Three days ago, I also got a Kindle for a Christmas present. My husband knows me all too well. It’s been on my wish list for years! Haha. As if this year wasn’t good enough already. I could have bought it earlier it but I hardly make myself a priority. I’ve been trained to put others’ needs first. For a change, I kind of started to love myself more in the latter part of the year and doing so has done a lot of good things to my general health and well-being.

After a long leisure reading drought, I started reading fiction again. You know that a thing genuinely makes you happy when you’ve been doing it since you were a little girl and you never get tired of it. Beautiful tapestry of words on paper and electronic paper. I can stay up for hours reading if not for the slight signs of aging and unhealthy lifestyle. I’ll be working on that soon.

This is one of the few days of my life where I am not too intense or on edge and I am relishing it very much. Cutting back on coffee has really helped; I think certain small decisions amounted to a big improvement and I will always be thankful for that.

This year, I also realized that the things I wished for as a little girl came true. In my present and annual hibernation, I had more time to count my blessings and it was a good use of my days. And by this, I do not even mean the material things. It was 90% intangible.

I spent a lot of time in the past brooding over things that are no longer of consequence. In retrospect, it all seems so trifling and I allowed it to disturb my peace of mind. These days, whenever an opportunity to rob me of my peace of mind occurs these days, I just always ask one question: “Is it worth it?” And most of the time, it’s not. It makes it easier for me to let go of that disturbance.

This was a year of change. And if there were only two words to describe this year, it would definitely be Answered Prayer.





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