Mr. Robot

I am not sure if binge-watching is the way to go with a dark-themed TV series like Mr. Robot, but that’s precisely what I did in my woman cave (or she shed, as most people would say these days). I found the show insightful, disturbing, and entertaining. It’s quite hard to find a quirky show that will combine all of those adjectives well, but I found it in Mr. Robot.

A walking hero and anti-hero, Eliot Alderson is one of the oddest people we can root for on the reel screen. But I rooted for him just the same.

I found his voice and unorthodox views resonating like sound prose in this digitally commanded society. It relates to timely events with the eerie quality of a seer. It owns up a brilliance in its plot. I had moments at the end of the first season that I did not see coming, something which is pretty difficult to achieve these days. It’s really like a well-thought of puzzle, immensely difficult to crack but worth all the effort for the eyes.

(I watch another show with my husband but watched this one alone, because the friends I know who dig these sorts of things are quite far from me physically. Oftentimes, I miss hanging out with these people and I wish I can take them to my cave for a weekend or two. Schedules and locations are pretty bad, though.)

I really can’t wait for the second season and hope that there will be more shows like this that “wake me up” from slumber. 🙂


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