Wide Awake

It only takes a single night to discombobulate weeks of efforts to regulate my sleep. It was for a good cause but the crawl back to the normal grind is a struggle. Fortunately, I am the only one wide awake beyond my ideal bedtime; DH seems to have gotten his much-deserved and much-needed rest and is sleeping deeply beside me.

A few minutes ago, I was touching his hair and thinking of how beautiful that moment was. This month is the zero shortcuts month for mindfulness. It is really an effort to be more mindful. Before we went to bed, I left the phone in my bag and spent one or two hours working with a physical adult coloring book that is full of complex geometric shapes. I concentrated on circles, thousands of circles that build a Triangular Prism Lattice.

And now I am in this moment of typing up each word while I try to will myself to sleep and not be my hyper self.

It’s hard. I am most probably going to end up reading something until I fall asleep, as I have always done long before I got a bedtime policy as an adult. I mindfully leave this piece as I consider tonight’s bedtime reading. I chuckle with a realization.

There is really nothing that a good story cannot cure.

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