The Recreation Pentagon

Apart from my relationships, life now basically revolves around 5 major activities: my diverse reading list or learning pursuits, writing, photographs, coloring books, and computers. I may add in a sixth for travel and seventh for personal investment but growth has been slow on that department for a while so I’ll put that on hold.

I joined in the bandwagon of coloring book addicts as a supplement to my therapy. It’s quite effective. I interviewed some of these Instagram sellers for a feature article 2 weeks ago and two or three of them responded extensively. One, in particular, was quite generous with her answers. The owner of notyourordinarystuff Instagram store gave a lot of tips and she shared an inspirational story on how she became an entrepreneur out of a hobby.


I ordered two coloring books from her which was swiftly delivered at my doorstep plus she gave me this geometric design as a bonus, which I tackled with much difficulty. Thousands of concentric circles forming a triangular prism lattice is not exactly the best for beginners.

But I got sucked in and I went completely offline or dead to the rest of the world while I was doing it. (I did not have my sister’s sketching talent but I kept the pencils and other writing tools on the side, just the same.)



According to the owner of the Instagram account, what sets her apart are her friendlier rates (as compared to other IG competitors), availability of the books, regular sales, cheap shipping fees, and a very quick reply to her customers. And I believe these are the ingredients of a good Instagram store seller. The last one, in particular, is a deal breaker, considering that customers can opt to buy from other sources if you do not reply to them immediately.

Apart from my not so expert but ultra relaxing coloring activities of late, I maintain my diverse reading list. This was a hobby of mine since the age of 4 or 5 years old. I was already reciting numbers and letters when I was 2 years old. I was 5 when I started to read and I marveled at those large colored hardbound Time Life books. That was long before Wikipedia phased out all the bulky encyclopedia series like Britannica.

diverse-reading-list diverse-reading-list-2


When I am not rendering my personal color expressions on paper, I take photos of things that capture my attention.


Not a pro, definitely. But it’s just a way for me to see the world in a different way. I never imagined myself to be behind a camera lens some years back. I was fascinated with people who knew how to tinker with such a daunting machine. I did not dare touch it out of fear. But it was one fear I conquered this year and it really makes me happy when I get lucky with a shot. By lucky, I mean sunset shots like this from the 19th floor of a hotel suite:


That is one of the times you thank yourself for having a camera. You capture that moment because that moment just passed by and it’s the only proof that it actually happened in all its glorious beauty.

While the computer has opened a lot of doors for me and I am lucky for the opportunities, I find myself substantially retreating towards forms of recreation that enforce me to be offline or away from the computer. I am quite convinced that tinkering with things with the laptop closed can lead to an open and rejuvenated mind.


2 thoughts on “The Recreation Pentagon

  1. Antifragile! I haven’t finished reading it yet but seems to be a very promising book.

    Anyway, how timely! I’m also in the process of getting myself a new camera. Hihihihi! I just told you about it a few minutes ago. 😛

    1. I scored Taleb’s book off National Bookstore’s Warehouse sale for only 100 pesos!!! Can you believe it?? Haha! Oo nga ang galing ng timing. Looking forward to hopping in your new blog soon!

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