Mungey ou Mangez? :)

(Note: Munge – to clean data; Mangez – French verb, to eat)

I had been following the 365 Travel Dates Instagram feed for a while now. Chance had it that we were digitally in the same social circles (apparently, I still had some form of social presence despite my decision to stay in a cave) and then Mark shared to me a lovely post from their blog containing a highly recommended TED Talk of Alternative Punk Rock musician and singer Amanda Palmer.

Because I admire this awesome traveling couple, I read the article and watched the TED video. I was practically mesmerized by Amanda Palmer. After watching the talk, I went on to listen to her songs which are available for free at her website and on Youtube. Consequently, Amanda Palmer is Neil Gaiman’s wife! What the heyyyyyyyy! I cannot imagine a more awesome partner to this super awesome singer and artist.

A few days ago, I wrote about Butch Dalisay’s prowess in Penmanship and Other Short Stories. A blogging friend named Nonoy gave me a link to the work of another awesome writer. When we give something out digitally, it expands. The groundswell phenomenon makes sure that your bases are covered.


This Universe really knows what each person wants deep inside and there seems to be a cloud that attracts us to the right people, things, circumstances, and vibes that we emanate to the world.On my end, I was marveling over all of that while chomping off pieces from a non-glamorous bag of potato chips and some reading materials about data munging techniques. Munge. Mangez!

The nerdgasm has no cure, indeed. I like where I am, so Amanda Palmer’s song goes. And while I listened to it, I felt every word reach to the core of my soul. Such soulful music can only come from a person who genuinely connects with others. Today is the day I am supposed to hear her TED talk. Some inevitable things happen to us to steer us in the right place.

The whole thing reminds me how we should always guard our minds. What we attract takes it cue from what we magnify in our heads. We attract bad things when we think of bad things excessively.

I thought of bliss and creativity more often these days as well as out of the box idea generation and this is where it led me: a chance to interact with my favorite couple blogger, awesome music from an inspirational woman with one of the most moving TED talks I have ever watched, ideas for my current humble collaborations, and…

I purposefully leave that sentence hanging because there is more, I am sure. I can only plan a certain segment of my life and leave the rest to the inevitable uncertainties introduced to us daily.

I just need to keep calm and let these things unfold on its own, munge and mangez notwithstanding.





14 thoughts on “Mungey ou Mangez? :)

  1. I love this post. You made us feel so good. Wow. I’m so glad the Ted Talk had such a powerful impact. I’m glad your heart is so open to surprise and love. That you can leave sentences and life open enough to receive blessings and love that this universe are willing to give. So encouraged by our chat yesterday, you have no idea. There’s an entire sticky note on my laptop with the ideas you threw out! Thank you thank you thank you!

    1. Hi Mark, thanks for the visit. Sticky notessss! 😀 Try Wunderlist too, it’s cool! I am more than happy to bounce ideas with you two; you two are like the embodiment of relationship goals for me and my DH. 😀

      1. Ay hindi, now ko lng siya nakita. Super sikat na blog 😀 Usually kasi pag sikat na blog no time na to comment sa ibang blogs. Hahaha! 😀 Kaya gulat ako may comment from Mark. 😀

        1. Haha. We just started not to long ago. We try to read lots of blogs. If there’s time we comment. There’s time haha. Hope to meet yall someday!

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