Tradition and Heritage

As a single woman, I liked breaking walls and cracking open things and calling them new doors. I had the audacity of youth, the type that will take me on wild rides like a rollercoaster or an EDSA bus at midnight minus the traffic jam from mall sales and commuter flux. These days, I am being reacquainted with things I have never done. I married a man who is a quintessential guardian of tradition. And off the bat, if it were just us and not with the guidance of some Divine Force up there in the heavens, we’d be gone by now.

At the View Deck of Sampaloc Lake

At the View Deck of Sampaloc Lake

Ever since I was forcefully taken to a place with maximum life energy and control of how I spend my time, I started to gravitate towards things that matter to me and I realized how it has changed my paradigm about a lot of things. I used to view certain traditions as a backward nuisance that fosters middle-level sensibilities that go nowhere.

Now I started appreciating why we need to cultivate and document life even if it’s tedious. Because we are preparing it for future generations, so that they will not forget who they are. It is not to control them, although some oldies still do that controlling thing that makes the young ones defy the tradition which could have helped them self-actualize much earlier in life.

Up until this moment of my life, I had no sense of love for tradition. I merely wanted to go through life as a floating seafarer with no particular direction in sight. But we make life changes. As a little girl, it will be unthinkable for me to grow my hair long. Today, you can do an Elsa braid on it like what my sister-in-law did.

I guess there will be more changes. Good ones, I hope.


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