The Japanese Maglev


A Maglev in Shanghai source: Wikicommons

A new world record for speed was set for 590 kilometers per hour from Japan’s magnetic levitation bullet train. Astounding! I could not think of any other place to write this down and it genuinely interests me so here goes the word vomit on a train (#nerdgasms). I have a niece who loves Thomas Train so probably this is the adult version of certain structural and engine fascinations. This made me more intrigued to try riding one of these impressive and massive bullet trains.

Much of my life energy has been recovered significantly already. And positivity is pretty much one of those rare treasures, kind of like those new age energy bracelets that you buy for a fortune and then the seller tells you that it must not be touched by anyone or its potency will be diminished. That’s positivity. No matter how much effort other people will try to expend to derail you and make you feel bad, you should keep it together. This month, I had around two to four major invitations for someone to take away my positivity and I successfully declined them! 🙂 (Hurray for #smallvictories)

I evaluated the quality of my relationships and made certain decisions to let go of the emotionally vampire-like ones. Life for the last 2 years had been on such a relentless fast lane that I practically railroaded my inner guide, the one which saves me from bad decisions and some people who do bad things to me. I have learned to differentiate between friends who are true and friends who remember me only when they need something like a new connection, a job, or technical assistance. I just learned to say no, basically, to a lot of things I don’t need. I learned to simplify and it has helped me tremendously. I am gaining things that I cannot physically see but means a lot to me.

What else? I am slowly but surely starting to realize what works and what does not and who/what are my priorities in this limited life. Nerdgasms will always be nerdgasms but there is more to life outside the computer and this year, I try to balance my online usage for nerdgasms with offline pursuits. Also, I have taken more risks this year than any other; I have learned that doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results is wrong and crazy. I took bold leaps of faith and restructured the way I learn, the way I live, and the way I work. It’s not anymore the usual way I have done; and it frightens me a lot to do it, but I know that I am not really living if I don’t.

I continue to hope that I can just focus with bullet train speed levels for the important stuff, the stuff that I was really made to do in this lifetime. And ride a bullet train, for real. Haha.








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