The Image Processing Script Vortex

Sooner or later, I am going to write about this in detail. So, I might as well start right now. Signals, sensors, and machine learning has really taken image processing to a whole new level. I am finding myself learning new things for a deliverable. These are things that they did not teach at the university when I was in college. Or probably they were already teaching some if it at the Physics, Mathematics, or EEE departments.

It’s really nice and amazing to learn these things now at my age, but it’s also brain-draining. I took advantage of so many open courseware for my continuing education. My current favorite is that of Duke University (I will share my resources later when I have found the right words and the courage to put it out here) and my implementation language of choice for the moment is Python. I might have to migrate the code to R language eventually since it involves a lot of matrix operations.

It’s a life-consuming thing, trying to keep one’s self abreast with cutting edge methods of image processing. I am not even talking about the front that everyone knows which is like the filters on Instagram that you apply immediately on any image. I am talking about image processing that involves conserving measurement metadata and using it to save time, to make a single ubiquitous computer do what people will take months or years to do even with a team doing it 24 hours at a time.

I really like it. I mean, I never imagined that I would gravitate towards these topics but here I am, anyway, embracing the fullness of nerdgasms at its finest.

A lot of people in hackathons are so awesome and confident in sharing their new scripts. I admire them. I am particularly averse in speaking to people, especially if it’s with a large audience. So I tend to write about my exploits instead and this is how this blog has lasted longer than many things in my life. I do know that once I complete this script I am composing, I will share the process because that is how open source continues to thrive– it thrives in an unwavering spirit of generosity, whether in spoken or written form.

The new exploits leave me so little room for talking with people or catching up with my friends. It’s that one sucker tradeoff that I had to embrace once I took on this intellectually demanding and consuming line of life work. I say life work this time because I no longer see life in terms of work-life balance.

These days, I see life as life, and everything else in the work of my hands as a means of CREATING and EXPRESSING and making things better in every way possible. If I get compensated for it and I get to do things with that compensation, then it’s a mere bonus because these material things just wither and die and get taken away. Now, my new paradigm on the matter may not necessarily sit well with other people’s standards but I just simplified what I have and what I can contribute in terms of life energy expended or positive change contributed. I still have bills to pay, but the less I need for these, the better. I pretty much did away with other wants that pretended to be needs.

I better get back to that script by this time. It won’t be of any good to anyone unless I actually finish it. I am seriously looking forward to posting about them soon. I just need more time to complete some concepts and there will be something about it in here, for sure.




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