“Real” Writing

So what is “real” writing?

It’s really subjective, to be quite honest.

I was inviting people in my network to feature this really cool shooting range. It was a fun afternoon so I wanted to share the love. Out of the blue somebody just messaged me and told me that writers outside of Metro Manila are more “real” with their writing and should be better considered for a schedule with the PR person. I did link her up to the PR person for the shooting range because she is a good friend and she writes really well, not because she is outside of Metro Manila and as such, is more “real” with what she writes. I honestly did not know where those things came from, but I still maintain at this point that she probably means no harm for what she said. It just came out like a Freudian slip that she thinks Metro Manila people who try to write are inferior or something. I can choose to look at it like she insulted me on purpose but I give her the benefit of the doubt because she was just having a bad day.

Prior to this conversation, I did not even know that these things exist in the writing world. I did talk with some intellectual elitists before who are really Palanca winners or writing workshop fellows and they do look down on mainstream novels like Nicholas Sparks and Paulo Coelho because they think of it as some form of puff pastry. A mentor I highly respect had a recommended reading list and warned me not to consume garbage literature.I took his advice because I have seen his work and I really aspire to create something decent in the future. I continue to prioritize his recommended reading materials although I keep my eyes open for other things, too.

There is a considerable amount of blogger-hate from journalists as well.This has been a long-standing issue between traditional news sites and blog sites with a community of contributors. Debates on news worthyness, ethics, and other topics surface as the roots for this blogger-hatred.

I am used to all of those. But I don’t usually find the region-centrism I have observed from my friend. Usually, it’s mostly just because of writing style, plot, ethical considerations, or depth of writing that they criticize another person or group’s work.

So… what is “real” writing for me? I still don’t have an answer to that, really. All I know is that if you have the skill to convey real writing on your outputs, it will just reveal itself and you do not need to explain yourself to anyone else when you do it. All you have to do is DO YOUR BEST. Then, you let the output speak for you and for itself. 😉






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