Backtracking from My Feedly Fetish

I think my Feedly fetish has hampered my ability to read a paperback novel considerably. I no longer get to read without the compulsive need to look for a screen (tablet, phablet, phone, etc.) on most days. However, Feedly is super addicting. It’s the RSS compilation of all my favorite topics. It’s just full of interesting things. I am subscribed to a lot of topics that I love and I find news about it. Monthly, there are over 2000 articles that are in my Feedly account and then I just can’t resist the need to browse through them from my phone.

I do have to admit that there is still a unique allure of reading a physical book and manually turning the pages. And I really miss being able to do that and finishing a whole paperback in one sitting. I’d be lucky to have that experience once a month by now.

So, I will return to that habit. And I hope that all 400+ physical books on my reading list will be diminished substantially by end of this year. <3 And I will be able to post new book reviews here in my blog.

No matter how many exploits I have in life, I will always go back to my first love: the written word.


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