A New Direction

I have been ruminating on a single topic all week since I read  James Clear’s article about how your first choice in things is rarely the optimal one. And it made so much sense to me. I was being particularly hard on myself about how I did not figure out too early which industry I find most suitable for me. Other people are lucky enough to find it in their first strike.At this point, some people find it quite laughable to make career changes. But then again, I read about these Aeta grandmothers who trained in India to become solar engineers. I no longer see any excuse why I’d be so afraid to try new things or switch gears at age 29.

I had to basically try and meander my way through things before I actually figured it out for myself. The findings? Apparently, I had to create something new from some old things mixed with new ones brought about by technology. It is a massively scary prospect. Its probability of failing is of a higher proportion than just getting a simple day job.

What did I have two entrepreneurial parents for, anyway? The fact was, I became too cautious as an adult because I saw the disadvantages on my parents. The volatility of the entrepreneurial life requires a certain level of resiliency and I was unsure if I had it, if genetics allowed these things to be passed on to me. I was particularly praning about the financial stability part because enterprises can either top the charts or tank when it’s no longer able to dynamically survive the changes over the years. Having said that, I saw how they worked on their respective ventures. I have a mental database of their efforts and as I try this out on my own pursuits, my respect for them has increased so much.

These days, I am being pushed towards the non-traditional track. Tbh, it frightens me but I am all up for the challenge. The sound of the universe’s booming voice have become so loud that I can no longer ignore it by means of comfortably snuggling up to a day job (in hindsight, comfortable and snuggly are debatable words to use on a day job experience) for a twice a month paycheck. I have realized that what I do intensely in 2 hours is not something that I can stretch to 8 hours, that all those energy and time management hacks that I am trying out require actual field testing in my daily life. This won’t be possible if I am working on a paycheck paradigm. I am a breadwinner and this is a very tough call. Each day that I don’t turn up something as frequently as I have before makes me feel really bad about myself. My target is to forgive myself more quickly and convert the energy of worrying into working into pursuing these new lines on the horizon.

So, this is the blog post that signifies exactly this: I hear you, universe. I am going to try something new and if it messes up, well, I tried. I will try another thing in case and hope that I will arrive at a point that it frigging works. Recent results have been encouraging; something is actually working but it’s too early to tell if it’s going to mean success in the next 7 days, 7 months, or 7 years.

Certainly feels like jumping off the cliff without a harness. Whether it’s rocks or water underneath, it’s a go.







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