Got Your Back, Bru

Yesterday, I was sitting at my home office setup feeling a sense of analysis paralysis. I had all those post its of things to do on my left, a pile of books on my right, and a laptop with a blank text document staring right back at me.

I did what any 21st century computer worker did. I chatted with my friend Leigh and she was apparently beset with the same dilemma in front of her office computer. We hated ourselves for it. And we decided to try something to solve it. Together, we set up a Trello board of things to do with our other friend Jodie.

We called it the “Got Your Back, Bru” board. It was a board of accountability for the year 2015 where we put our serious goals, wish lists, and urgent tasks. I actually hogged the space because I practically word vomited all the tasks floating in my poor head. No wonder I got paralyzed. There were just so many things!

With their help, I was able to trace the source of my analysis paralysis. It was a lack of proper distribution of tasks and deadlines. And I began plowing through the flotsam and jetsam of my Trello cards since yesterday, apart from an hour-long disturbance from a meaningless thing that I gave too much time to. I started to get things done although it’s slow. Literally laying out all the cards to my two friends helped me to be mindful of how I am using or misusing my time.

I still have my hard copy on my CBTL planner. But the synergy of having two other goal-oriented friends on a task board is some sort of source of additional strength.

I am really thankful. Even if I do my own lifehacks to optimize my life, a little help from a not-so-distant friend clearly goes a long way.

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