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A Sample Awesome Free Online Course

A Sample Awesome Free Online Course – Data Journalism


I cannot really imagine the immense changes that I have undergone this year. It’s like I am entering a new realm. I can no longer recognize my old self because of the changes. It’s so amazing and filled with exciting prospects that provide personal and professional enrichment for me and the target beneficiaries of my personal advocacy.

I have been volleying emails with successful techno-preneurs in the last few weeks.  And on top of my usual work grind, I have been working on simultaneous industries or tracks. It’s practically insane, yes. It has the price of giving up my social life temporarily but it’s all WORTH IT. 🙂

One of the late (sobs!) discoveries of this month is the data journalism course at Canvas. They were issuing certificates until July 2014 of this year and I am catching to watch most of the videos before the remaining read only course access closes this December 31st.

I had initial failed attempts to finish an MOOC or online course. I think I signed up for around 6 subjects in Coursera before but I never got beyond the first week.

But this year, I have finally surmounted the failures of the past. As of this date, I have earned two certificates for two data science courses. I had no prior background in R programming but I managed to crawl through it in the midst of all my work and personal obligations. It would have cost me Php 95,000 to enroll in those subjects here in Manila. I got to study them for free in the comforts of my home while drinking pineapple juice and streaming inspirational TED talks in between videos.

These days, with a simple android device and a fairly fast internet connection, you can do ANYTHING online. You can learn so many things. Google is full of golden things that can be harnessed to do some positive change. The only challenge is not to succumb to information overload and prioritize which courses are worth gold and which can be delayed or rejected.

I think that these days, being a Renaissance Man is no longer limited to the elite people who can afford expensive education. If you have a strong mind, a good internet connection, and an optimized life plan, you can be a hell of a polymath. The possibilities are immense and exciting.

I must admit that balancing my goals or pursuits is extremely difficult. I have this master game plan in my head and I need around 10 to 15 arms to do them daily.

Here is a very salient piece of advice that I got just this morning from one of the successful techno-preneurs that I have the privilege of talking with:

‘I think this is only very overwhelming because you want to see the results soon. But that’s not how expertise works, as far as I can tell. First, it’s important to narrow down the things you couldn’t live without, plus all the costs you are willing to pay for them (time, money, energy, psychologically, and other non-quantifiable costs). The things you’re willing to give up for each of these “tracks.”‘
This is my food for thought this Christmas as I sit beside the Christmas tree and think of 2015.
“When some things don’t feel right to you or if you’re not willing to commit any deeper, be quick about dropping them.” THIS is another golden piece of advice. I was reading a book of a father and son entitled Wisdom Meets Passion and in the latter chapters, they discussed this too. I think my life goals need a lot of pruning so that I can realize all those dreams one by one. It’s just amazing and exciting and beyond words.
I dropped certain things, including a huge percentage of time I use for socializing with people. I actually found my return to Facebook too noisy. It’s difficult to explain this to people when they ask me why I deactivated and returned to my shell. This shell has been PARADISE to me, nerdgasm-wise. And yes, nerdom has really come full circle this time around. And I do not have to apologize or feel sorry for it.

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