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For years, I think I nurtured a subconscious hatred for travel.  Ironically, I took a travel-intensive career when I decided to become an engineer. No matter. It did not help me curb my tendencies to prefer curling up in my bedroom with a good book in hand. It’s my default go-to thing.

Mimbalut falls in Iligan City

Mimbalut falls in Iligan City

Recently, I started reconsidering my deeply ingrained beliefs about travel. I guess it involves stepping out of my comfort zone and having a handle of self-knowledge abundant enough to help me take new risks in life.

My most recent trip challenged my introverted self in a lot of ways. I did realize that something inside went alive while I was traveling. I had the inspiration to write about new ideas, ideas that would not have been born if not for the stimulus provided by the new destination. And I realize how I had been shortchanging myself in the last few years. I realized that what I read in the books are supplemented by what my other senses can experience in transit.

I often considered the costs and considered travel as a vice and not a means for personal development. I vaguely realize now that I committed a disservice to myself when I shut out this part of the possibilities of things that I can do. I was just hung up on putting food on the table and supplying for my family’s needs; it never occurred to me that I can still do that while squeezing in a new travel experience here and there as a gift to myself and as a gift to the soul that needs new experiences to breathe and create freely.

Prior to my awakening to basic instincts of wanderlust, my travel was limited mainly for work; I disliked shelling out travel expenses for personal reasons. But I found my personal reasons in the midst of professional business this month. I also found more reasonably priced travel packages that are lumped with groups of other common professionals out to have a good time; it need not cost an arm and a leg. In fact, some even thrive on a shoestring budget and go to so many places.

I guess this blog is likewise entering another phase of content because of these new realizations. (But I will still post about books, for sure.)





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