The Woman from Mars

I was reading the December 2014 issue of Reader’s Digest and I chanced upon the account of a man whose wife is being permanently sent to Mars in 2024. It involves this multi-billion dollar funded project called Mars One and the send off for Mars colonization begins after the fundraising.

There were over 75,000 applicants further shortlisted into the 705 candidates now eligible for the progran as of the end of this year. One of the candidates is a wife with two sons and she was bashed online for her decision to join. The husband penned the Reader’s Digest article and I felt the bittersweet mix of pride or support for his wife and the heartache of losing her forever to this one way Martian ticket.

The future of space exploration has taken new and interesting levels. I was just as fascinated when they managed to slingshot a probe to a comet from a rocket just recently; colonizing outside of earth is beyond groundbreaking and I would love to see a reality show hosted straight from Mars.

My husband tells me that he thinks that something is fundamentally disturbing about colonizing another planet. I do not seem to see it that way, though. I think it is dangerous and intriguing, but I won’t be able to form an opinion if it is right or wrong to invest in the Mars One project. There is an existing exhaustion of the earth’s non-renewable resources and I think that exploring a new place for potential habitation is quite creative and daring.

It is really something that I would be watching out for in the coming days. This is really the most amazing time to study science; it is already way beyond what the books can teach to kids.

2 thoughts on “The Woman from Mars

    1. Sobrang cool nga eh. Parang it’s all happening now hahahaha. I do admire yung mga nagsign up. I don’t think kakayanin kong mag-pioneer ng colonization ng isang planet. 😀

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