Tail of a Long Holiday

It is almost the end of the year 2014, and I have just approached the latter half of the ultra long Filipino Christmas season. A blog post is in order.

This christmas had been a very busy one for me. It was my first time to spend Christmas with my husband and his family. Thankfully, I still managed to spend time with my parents although it is quite short.

The incoming year 2015 proves to be a very promising one; I think I have done some things right this year and it actually paid off as the year comes to an end. I was unable to figure out the grace and blessing of the difficulties as I experienced it firsthand. But in hindsight I saw them all as a redirection and a real blessing. Everything happened because it had to. Even the hard chapters occurred because there was a golden lesson that awaited me at each bend.

I do not think that 2015 will be any easier. But I find myself looking forward with a hope and optimism that I thought was lost forever. I thought that deep inside, I died. But I did not realize that there was actually a rebirth of sorts inside of me that enabled me to see things differently this time around. The momentary feeling of death and emptiness was actually a preparation to a breakthrough, some dark part of the mental overhaul required for me to do what I was supposed to do in this lifetime.

This year may be the peak of the keen self-awareness that I did not have in my youth despite my most strongest energies and efforts. This is the year of forming advocacies that matter and resonate deeply to me. This is the year of designing my life in a way that suits my skill sets and in a way that does not apologize to other people for the inherent demands that it will require from me. This is the year of multiple and purposeful learning, a year of pruning all the non-essentials to make room for the good things that constitute a meaningful life.

And as I enter the new year with increased awareness of the possibilities lying ahead of me, I can only feel thankful for how this year has prepared me to handle the things that are about to come. Thank you, 2014, for your strong and salient life lessons. I think you have prepared me well for the things that are about to come next year.
See you in two days, 2015. 🙂

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