Qube Colonia

I have unorthodox taste in just about anything. I subscribed to a mobile data plan but without the phone loyalty option that most networks offer to their customers. Initially, I used it as a mobile wifi device. After a few months, I discovered Qube Colonia and switched my internet wifi plan to a micro-sim with call and text boosters.

I am quite satisfied with this product. It is priced at 8,990 pesos when I bought it and it boasts of these features: 2 gigabyte RAM, octacore processor, dual sim capability, and a 13 megapixel camera. In fact, I have been using it with a Bluetooth keyboard (priced 560 pesos at CDR-King) to construct this blog entry.

These days, portable mobile devices are a norm. I cannot really see myself lugging around a machine like a laptop on vacation if I can already do it on my mobile phone. I have a trusty powerbank to augment the battery in case it runs out during transit. It is part of my life hacks recently: to create a mobile office that fits literally in the palm of my hand. And I am satisfied with the initial results.

The Qube Colonia is one of the many local products worth looking into. The only downside is that it does not have the standard sizes of Samsung and iPhone devices, and it makes it really difficult to find a decent casing for it like Otterbox. Fortunately, the phone has an included black leather case. With its 16 gigabyte internal memory, I was able to test a lot of interesting android apps simultaneously without drilling a huge hole in my pocket.

Next year, I am planning to keep an eye out on reasonably priced but good deals like this one because in this age, you can never be too frugal with your resources.


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