Helena, Simplified

Months have gone by and changes have been percolating until such a point that it is inevitably dying to come out in this blog. And so it finally happens that I have manifested the changes more openly.

I was contemplating on building a new blog from scratch but I am so deeply attached or entrenched to my 10-year-old musings here at Helena. I decided to just let this thing evolve with me as I enter a new phase of life and pursue new priorities digitally and otherwise. I haven’t written this long for readers (although I am delighted by their presence, albeit it’s really rarely felt). There are points in time where my writing lags because of life’s demands. But writing is life, and I need to continue to make time for it if it is as prominent in my life as I claim it is.

I wrote this blog because it’s a running digital thread of all my explorations in life as a woman. It’s like a digital home that I somehow host openly for people who may find some content useful or relevant to their own respective journeys.  If somebody, even just one person, finds my content useful, then I have done my job well. 


I think I got a digital jolt in the head after emailing one of my writing mentors. She told me that I already have certain things in place (in a “What’s holding you back?” tone of writing voice)  and I may be complicating my game plan too much. I stepped back and had a fortunately considerable hole in time to think about it.

I realized that she was frigging right and I was wasting my time doing too many things. So I employed the same principles here in my blog, trimmed all the pages and reduced it to two: the main blog here and the portfolio page on the front. Probably, I’ll add a page for another thing in the future but that’s still mentally debatable.


This moment time is gold because my head is so clear and I feel like I need to take advantage of it before it muddles up again in an inconsolable heap of activities. I am quite clear about my goals in constructing content, and in learning, and in sharing what I have learned to the rest of the world. It’s just a matter of implementing. The resources will just have to follow if it wants to. Resources never deterred me from pursuing my advocacy or deepest sentiments in life.


I see a brighter future up ahead so I lightened the color of my theme to reflect my returned enchantment for good things. And while I have my not-so-cute spots from darkly written posts in the past, I chose not to erase them because it’s part of who I am as a person. Even when I always pursue the best and plan for the ultimate realization of my goals, there will always be those difficult days and the world should not be privy to some of those struggles.

Other personal bloggers like to highlight only the good things about their lives. I think that readers are sorely missing out on genuinely and substantially sharing moments in a blogger’s life because the writer himself or herself drapes a heavy curtain over those tests or challenges of life that make him or her a stronger person. There is the issue of privacy, but there is also the issue of clearly depicting your humanity by at least opening a tiny portal of vulnerability. Without a measure of vulnerability, depth will not be achieved.


Suffice it to say that there’ll be more relevant, potentially useful, and directed content starting today. I only earn peanuts from this blog (so I am keeping my day job); it’s really more out of genuine love for writing that I am keeping this thing for years and it’s only done with the generosity of a good man and a good friend.

I am really thankful. And this is Helena blog nth version, simplified. 🙂


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