End of Year Musings

2014 is less than 30 days away from closing. Some people usually post a year-end thing on December 31. I decided to do this today, December 9.

2014 was a year of SURVIVAL for me.

I survived…

the pains of planning a wedding without events management experience,

the largest backlogs that came from the most negligent boss I have ever met in my 11 years of working,

the most painful and disrespectful attacks from people I have lavished care and attention to,

the worst of office politics,

the most pervasive aftereffects stemming from inefficiencies,

the most deplorable circumstances in a professional undertaking,

and the worst of falling outs among such long-time friends.

In return, have I gained anything? Apart from crying myself senseless at night and working like a demon during the day, I really lost a lot of things this year. Some, I had to lose as a casualty. The others, I had to voluntarily lose for the greater good, for certain pursuits that demand more than just the average intensity of effort.

I just hope that 2015 will be kinder to me.

(Or maybe an asteroid will hit earth and 2015 will outdo 2014 in terms of amount of shit thrown my way.)

But apart from Force Majeure, there were so many storms in 2014. The only rainbow was that I married this amazing man who is now my husband.

The second rainbow was that I managed to get to know myself better as a person because of the immensely difficult situations I had to encounter and surmount.

I hope there are more rainbows in 2015.




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