Bucket List Overhaul

The biggest fallacy ever written is that people often stay the same. People have this very pliable capacity to change, expand/degenerate into another version of themselves. When a person is made aware of the potential within him, it awakens a new set of possibilities.

So I promised my mom to make a Facebook account after getting married so she can check on me. In and of itself, it’s good to stay connected to people. For a few months, I went back on people’s radar. But I got exhausted with it. It was fun catching up with people but it was so exhausting. I missed my cave so I turned it off again. And then I resorted to my 2013 things. I used to be so addicted to social media. Now, I mainly use it as a conduit of information where I can get updates on topics of interest. My nerdiness seems to have gone full circle this year.

Work demands that I travel. It’s a quiet middle of the night in this completely unfamiliar place. I took a job that showcases the risky things that I do not like. Some people pay to travel, hike, and get new experiences like this for leisure. In my job, jetsetting is a way of life. So it’s an ironic choice of work for someone who would always prefer reading books in bed and attending art exhibits. I do like the intellectual kick that comes from new discoveries so I still somehow appreciate the things given by my choice of work.

My recent channel of creativity is androidography so I began playing with pictures taken from a fairly decent , cheap, and run of the mill smartphone. I will probably post some of my finds as soon as I figure out how to optimize and manage all my writing outlets.

Things got so intense last month for me so I kind of tapered my passion down to manageable and non-life threatening levels. At this stage, I have some radar when I am working at an unhealthy intensity. I was approaching that red zone three weeks ago so I am slowing down to regroup my resources and reclaim my sanity. My new hobbies seem to be helping me out but I still have a paperback in hand as a go-to, a form of literary escapism that has filled my childhood days with happy reading memories.

It’s December and I am still looking for my 2013 goals to see how I fared in my now-defunct 43 things account. I am really looking forward to 2014; it will be my first time to officially share my life goals with another person and I am excited with the synergy of this new dynamic.








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