Necessary Sacrifices

Nothing worth having has ever been easy. One of the best things that happened to me this year is the discovery of my actual ‘path’, that series of steps that I see myself implementing for a holistic life development.

It’s a hard discovery because I also found out the amount of work that it will require: an entire lifetime’s work. This means that I have less time to go out with friends or listen to their live updates about their feelings. I have less time to waste doing nothing or to fend for myself. This will make certain commitments hard to keep but it’s worth it.

I started realizing my earnest seriousness for this path when I was already deleting gigabytes of music, movies, and TV series to make room for tutorials and resources that will enable me to embark in this journey.

I realized how seriously I wanted to do this when I shed off many things, even things that I actually want, so that I can make room for this pursuit. It meant having less time watching Doctor Who episodes (I used to binge on them like crazy!). But I no longer mind. I am just happy at discovering how fully convinced I am that I need to do this in this lifetime.

And now that I have found the path that I wanted to take, I need to constantly guard it from distractions and other unhealthy things that threaten to steal my joy in doing this work. If this is really God’s will, may He give me the continuous strength to make it all come to pass in its time.



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