Styling Just Got Sunnier


Orange for positivity

Miss Helen Mary Labao, raw photo taken by: Ms. Alexis Escarrilla

I like casually waking up, then later going outdoors in the city with a simple dress and a hint of orange lipstick on a sunny morning. But rarely do I find myself fancying bright-colored clothes at this time.I think I have gotten used to wearing dark colors to hide my love handles last year, and it was only recently that I learned to embrace the other colors in the rainbow and the color wheel.

On the rare occasion that I wear something bright, I make sure to record and share the overall outcome of wearing the outfit. Here is my orange OOTD: an orange dress bought only for 50 pesos at a flea market. I wore peach espadrilles for my feet (Unlisted, Php 1,200). Just that and my trusty orange lipstick and long hair. Still a fan of bargains that rock. I don’t even get to wear cheekbone color. I suck at balancing colors in the eye shadow and I risk looking like a clown. I just always wanted to look natural and fresh.

These days, it has been raining intermittently and it’s quite hard to find the sun. I conserve these few precious days where the sun’s rays graciously showered the ground with just the right amount of heat and light. Even the wind was blowing in the right direction when I had this photo taken.

I wish I can dictate certain events and days to have this picture perfect weather. But even in the storm, there is always the challenge to look as bright and sunny as humanely possible. You cannot always dictate the weather to agree with you, but you can always choose to wear your smile anyway.

I am perfectly comfortable with how I look now. I feel light, much lighter than I had been a year ago and I feel like I can wear bright colors again without looking like a ball or an oversized candy.  When I find it hard to think or construct a thought, I look at items that I can wear in my minimalist wardrobe and create something out of it. These days, I have a heightened respect for women who know how to carry themselves. Somehow, they are the silent inspirations I have for whatever efforts I make to improve myself or make myself look more presentable. And I am not even talking about waistline sizes or the latest trends in the Philippine or international fashion week.

Sometimes, you just encounter women who just have the je ne sais quoi factor. They can be wearing their grandma’s bacon panties and still rock it.

I do realize the thing that explains why they rock. It’s the confidence of the person who carries the thing that completes a look and not the accessories. I do read some fashion books now, a great leap compared to my monkey-like approach to my sense of style since I was young. But even if I genuinely enjoy reading about latest trends now (admittedly, this was a belated girl gene that got activated sometime last year), I am not afraid to create my own thing even if it is not something that others will call high fashion or worth noting in a fashion book. I just genuinely don’t care; I have my own thing and if I think that it suits me, I’ll wear it.

I am not sure if there are going to be brighter colors in my wardrobe in the coming days. Just for this glimmer or instant of time, styling for Helena just got a little bit sunny. 🙂


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