Mrs. Helena

My poor blog suffered unwanted hiatus due to my recent change of life status. I wanted to write so many things but here is the reality of marital adjustment: I am squeezing in this blog entry while I watch my husband sleeping beside me. We have been hauling furniture for the last two days and my manic high keeps me awake.

I am happy, overwhelemed, adjusting to the life change, and filled with surprises. Wearing this wedding band marked one of my life’s biggest decisions. Life has changed permanently since I made my vows. I just could not be careless or leave room for petty things in the face of such a huge commitment.

There will be more posts but today, I am just marking this blog and signaling the change. Meanwhile, I end this post, snuggle up to my life partner and marvel at the miracle of becoming Mrs. Helen Mary Barrameda.

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