Day 84: #100HappyDays
Echoing Healthy Advocacies


I was scouring QC area for some accessible healthy food. And whenever I embark in this kind of quest, I end up in one place: the Echo Store. It has become one of my most favorite places to hang out in and buy good organic food from. For today, I opted to get their special Spinach and Cheese Tortilla-wich and chilled taho.

I find it ironic that healthy options for food is less common and more expensive than the fast food counterparts. Some foreign web developers for a recent project were asking me  for some salad restaurants and I even had to google to get them a decent place near their area.

In this side of the world, it seems like the only other option for those who want to stay healthy with their eating habits is to prepare the food from raw ingredients bought from farms, or in case of urban dwellers like me, public markets’ or supermarkets’ fresh produce aisle.

Having said that, I believe that places like Echo Store are pockets of organic paradise in the midst of the hype for bad food.


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