Day 82: #100HappyDays
Homer Sapiens

Happy Birthday Homer

Happy Birthday Homer

When it comes to family, God pretty much assigns you the people you are to call your brother, sister, mother, and father. You don’t have a say on who you end up with in this department.

But when it comes to close friends and one’s lifetime partner, you always have a choice. And that’s what makes friends and romantic partners special; you CHOOSE them and they CHOOSE you back amidst all your horrible flaws like being self-absorbed, mired in poverty, and forgetful of important dates like BIRTHDAYS.

I know. My utmost mortal sin of the BFF not to greet him on his birthday. 🙁 Bridal stress be damned, this day must not go uncelebrated.

But I hope that even if I cannot really take him out for ice cream because of his busy schedule, this record will somehow serve as a reminder to me and the whole world of what he means to me. 🙂

What would life be without Homer Pagkalinawan? Would the world be complete without a smile from my very good friend?


Honestly, I cannot really imagine such a life. And I never will imagine a life without Homer, because that’s not really part of the options of my life.

That’s the thing about having such wonderful friends. You are having such a wonderful time in their company that you forget to say basic things like thank you for being my friend, I love you, and I am really happy that we are friends. It’s so basic, and yet so few people get to do it regularly.

Homer’s warm and welcoming demeanor and fun outlook in life is a home to weird people like me. 🙂 I can just be myself, look absolutely okay with my good hair days and monstrous on my bad hair days, throw my tantrums in a fit of panicky bridal rage, or just have something to be giddy about. And he will embrace me for who I am, no matter what it meant. No matter what he finds in there, be it the loch ness monster or the angel of life. He can either come in with a shovel to bury the skeletons in my closet or come with a handkerchief to wipe away my tears. In this friendship and with a person of this calibre, you come to the dining table with so much excitement and zero fear of being judged or ostracized.


I do not always have chocolates and roses, and sometimes I feel like I am in a rotten canal than in a spring field. But with friends like this person, I really believe that I got so much better than what I deserve in life. I can never do anything outstanding or good to deserve the company of my friend Homer. He is a definite keeper, someone that you will always meet up with even if he gets stationed on Timbuktu. He is a person worth going out of the digital cave for.

For someone so smart and accomplished, he is so down to earth, practically thoughtful, and caring in the little and the big things. And yes, often it’s the little things that turn out to accumulate into the big one in the end. I can talk to him with just about anything, from mutual funds, to romantic issues, to board exams, to academic life or corporate life… I can go on and on and exceed the word count limit of this space but it won’t give justice to the wonderful person that Homer is to me and to many other people.

Dear Homer, my friend, I may have missed everyone’s social media greetings on your wall. But we have the other days in the rest of the year to celebrate the wonderful person that you are. Not just this year, but many more years, which I fervently wish for you to have.

Happy Birthday, Homer. I hope that even if I am bad with calendars, you will still forgive me. 🙂 <3 Love you!!!!

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