Day 79: #100HappyDays:
Good.Co Self-Discovery
Comes to Those
Who Wait

Screencap of Good.Co's Personal Canvas

Screencap of Good.Co’s Personal Canvas

Straight Shooter. Maverick. Strategist.

Those are the three words that summarized my workplace personality, as per may latest professional assessment from I have been playing around with this website once every 4 to 6 months, just to do some psychological benchmarking of my development as a professional.

They changed the algorithm recently. When I took the assessment exam for the first time, I was a Zen Humanitarian. How times have changed since then. 🙂

I think that the work “Maverick” pretty much nails it right in the head for me, while I got quite surprised with the Shooter profile that emerged.

The cool thing about it is that there are actually company profiles that match my personality and they make really valuable suggestions in there. There are company avatars that make choosing easier. According to’s algorithm, I would do best to work in a company that has these profiles: Intergalactic Space Explorers and Nuclear Command Unit. You’d have to check out the website to understand what this means.

Really cool. I wonder why this FREE website is not gaining as much following as LinkedIn and other professionally geared websites. And I did not even get it from a social media site, for one. I just found it from good old Google search bar. 😀


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