Day 77: #100HappyDays
Embutido Enrichment


Today, I did something that I hardly do: share my food. Haha. Don’t laugh. I shared it with five other people, three of whom are foreigners who have never tried embutido. This is often called the Filipino-style meatloaf, some form of cured sausage… Embutido has Portuguese and Spanish origins, so strictly speaking, it’s not 100% Pinoy. I got this from my soon-to-be hubby’s fridge. I have been on budget for weeks and I have been raiding refrigerators as a side job. HAHAHA. I almost created fire in the kitchen when I put the embutido in the microwave with the aluminum foil wrapped around it. It was a horrible kitchen klutz mistake. Fortunately, my beloved was on Gtalk and told me to take out the aluminum foil. Hoho. I will really need more than heating embutido skills in the coming months. I cannot bear to see the love of my life eating hard boiled eggs day and night. I really need to do something about this kitchen klutz dilemma I have had for 28 years. While I avoided a physical blast in the kitchen, the French guys loved the embutido. Bon appetit! đŸ˜€

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