Day 76: #100HappyDays
Stairwell Powernap


When I ride the LRT and depart at Gil Puyat station, I would see this thin man on the landing of the LRT stairwell, sleeping peacefully amidst the chaos of rushing passengers like me. He had a crutch on his side, a bunch of dirt on his face, and had no pillows. Yet, he slept like he was on a soft bed at a five-star hotel. It’s a humbling reminder of how grateful I should be every morning. The social responsibility does not end where our proletarian woes begin.

Today, though, I experienced a peaceful stairwell powernap. By some sheer stroke of morning memory lapse (aka stupidity), I forgot the key to my client’s quarters.

So I basically had an hour to sleep on the cold marble floor of the stairwell leading to the door. I was tired from my early morning commute so sleeping or staring at the ceiling were my only two options. I had my tablet for reading books but it was just too early in the morning to do so.

I decided to just lie down and use my footwear as pillow. I was surprised at the result.

It was a very liberating experience, I must say. There I was, alone in the quiet stairwell, possibly open-mouthed for twenty minutes and with a direct view of the ceiling when I open my eyes in between naps. Fortunately there were no lizards falling off or human beings trudging up the top floor.

It was so simple. I had none of my complex hotdog-shaped pillows or my soft foam at home. But I basically abandoned myself to that tiny space at that pocket of time afforded for me to get a few more minutes of genuine sleep.

Two words: WHY NOT?

I had such a fitful rest that I felt myself energized until the afternoon. The floor was cold and hard, as cold and hard as the realities of life as a working twenty-something. The ceiling was lofty and majestic in its own small way, as lofty as my dreams in my life and as hard to reach without the pair of heels and a staircase leading there.

I do not think that sleeping in staircases is something that I will want to do everyday but today was pretty eye-opening for me in more ways than one… It may be strange to read or in retrospect, but it was something that made me really happy today.

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