Day 57: #100HappyDays
Node Form Transforms


Over time, you become a little restless with the vanilla site building of Drupal and you will tend to want to do more. And since I am already quite ok with the way things are, I decided to experiment a little. For today, I worked on the node form’s appearance by tweaking the right tpl file. It’s nodename-node-form.tpl.php, in general.

I was able to add fields and segment them into a cute three-column interface by means of referencing classes off a bootstrap grid layout. Client privacy restricts me from showing the actual progress of the node form, but I am quite happy to note that I have finally cracked one of the reasons why it’s important for Drupal to render its children in a form after all the customizations are done.

I did have some AJAX issues with multiple submit buttons that remains as mysterious as the Bermuda triangle in my head.¬† Some folks at the IRC chat room suggested some things for me to try but I ended up implementing using a very simple HTML popup window to remove the extra “Submit” button which bungled my form. Sweet.


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