Day 56: #100HappyDays
Tinkering TPL


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During my initial site building initiatives, I was afraid to go deep into Drupal’s intestines. I began sinking deeper into the guts of Drupal’s structure when I started requiring more functionality requested by my client that was beyond what the typical or on-the-fly customizations can offer me.

Naturally, it led me to tinkering with the TPL PHP files and spending more time with the Drupal API than any other cookbook reference for Drupal website building.

Today is the day that marks one of the days that emphasized significant exploratory work using this CMS. Mostly I tinkered with TPL lately for front-end requests and other basic backend functionality. It’s not tantamount to Christopher Colombus’ discovery or some bigtime Drupal dev’s module, but it means something to me, personally as a milestone of my dev experience.

I kind of think that the lengthy/tedious and restrictive naming system of tpl can be a real pain sometimes. But I do understand it’s part of the cogs that make the Drupal site tick and tock  in the way that it should. For this phase of life, I did tpl files for nodes and views. And I think that I will continue to want to do more.




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