Day 52: #100HappyDays
Inconvenienced Love

Sacrifice is the quality that makes love REAL.

Sacrifice is the quality that makes love REAL.


Today was not exactly the uppity happy day I had in mind but I am posting this one because it’s important for my long-time happiness (happiness the lifestyle and not the mood-based happy state of mind). This was the tail of the week where I succumbed to a fit of rage for a whole variety of reasons.

I guess I am posting this as a happy day entry since I realized how lucky I am to be loved, loved enough that my partner is willing to make sacrifices for me. It’s not cool to admit that someone sacrificed something for me. But I just posted it here in appreciation. It does make me happy that he made this grand but obscure gesture of love to me at a time where I am not particularly at my most lovable best. Thanks, sweetheart.

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