Day 51: #100HappyDays
Python Data Science

The Python Logo

The Python Logo


In college, I did not really understand the guys who loved programming and loves diving in the internet at the backend side. But I had such friends. I just did not understand them as much as I do now.

It was only recently that I learned to appreciate the beauty and magic of it all.

For a previous project I handled, I was privileged to learn Python scripting basics. It was amazing! In college, I had C++ basic lessons and some Java but that’s it. I only really learned to love it when I started working as an engineer, although I did get a good mark on C++ course.

Python is quite special since it had that shocking quality to it. The syntax is so simple yet so powerful. It does not need terminating semi-colons that can wreak havoc on your code.

For May, there was this meetup of Python experts today and I decided to attend with my good friends. It was a very nice way to spend Friday night, have a bit of pizza, and have a lot of Python pizzazz for the head. The speaker was no less than Miss Stef Sy, Stanford graduate and ex-Googler, who works as a data scientist.

You can check out the slides by clicking here. To know more about Data Science, I think this nice online course on Data Science Masters will really help you. <3 <3 <3

What can I say? I am the reformed crawlie hater who now loves the crawling code of Python…

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