Day 50: #100HappyDays
PuTTY Your Head
on My Git Shoulders

PuTTY you waiting for???

PuTTY you waiting for???

Part of being a good web developer is being flexible with tools. I have an Ubuntu configuration favorite when it comes to dev work but I also have to consider the other people working with me on a project. It’s a good thing too, since the willingness to try something new for the greater good allowed me to use this very handy Windows-based tool for the meantime. Together with WinSCP, PuTTY has made life easier for me. I am logging this happy day as the day the I PuTTY my head on Windows’ shoulders. LOL. (I am so sorry, that just did not sound so good. haha)

Temporarily. I still love Ubuntu above all webdev things.

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