Day 37: #100HappyDays
Ranel’s Leaflet CKEditor Plugin

leaflet markers

I promise to write an extensive post about this wonderful creation but current time constraints prevent me to do so. However, for my 100happydays project, I decided to feature an overview of the wonderful thing done by someone who helped get me started in web development. There are some people who just pass by in your life, and there are some who help make a huge difference. And he is one such person.

Here at WordPress, I use the default WYSIWYG editor for typing in my blog posts. In Drupal 7, I often use CKEditor to replicate the same feature.

Amazing to find that there is now an ultra-cool POI button that is enabled courtesy of Sir Ranie’s Leaflet plugin. Since I got started with web mapping pursuits last year, Leaflet markers are quite a favorite for me. In general, I love web GIS activities. It’s so unique and it has so many possibilities. Since I am new, it would take a while for me to create something as useful as this for everyone but the desire to continue doing these things intensely resonate from within.

I am really proud to call this person my mentor and my friend because he really helped open doors after some painful digital experiences I have had last year. It was a bad slump but he basically helped resurrect my love for computers from a developer’s perspective.

You can download Sir Ranie’s Leaflet plugin here. I will write more about it when I use it for my personal pet projects.

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